Word Document V PDF Document

  Angry Kid 16:21 10 Jan 2007

Does anyone know which format is quicker to 'rip'.

The size of the document is around 60 pages containing Tables, Thumbnail pictures and text.

Many thanks.

Angry ;)

  Diodorus Siculus 16:22 10 Jan 2007

What do you mean by rip?

  Technotiger 16:24 10 Jan 2007

'rip' ? do you mean to Open?

I would say PDF.

  Angry Kid 16:36 10 Jan 2007

Thanks for your postings.

In answer to your questions, I believe that it is the time to go from your pc through the print servers and then to be printed. However, I am open to being corrected.

Apologies for being vague, however, it is a question that has been asked at work.

I will continue to leave this post running for the time being.

Angry ;)

  Technotiger 18:57 10 Jan 2007

Me again - my son in Lanzarote produces and edits a very popular sports magazine, which is free to download on-line. It is in PDF format and contains lots of print in Spanish and English and masses of photographs and art-work.
It is usually about 28 pages in all (getting bigger) and takes only a minute or two to download. I print it on my own home printer, though it is available in the Canaries as a glossy magazine. click here

  Angry Kid 21:12 10 Jan 2007

Thank you very much for this additional information. It has been most helpful and could be more than helpful to one of my colleagues at work.

Thanks once again for your research.

Angry ;)

  Technotiger 21:16 10 Jan 2007

Glad the info helped. My son produces the magazine on his home computer (a Mac) and does everything but actually turn out the glossy printed end result himself - that is done by a professional printer.

  ArrGee 21:36 10 Jan 2007

I do the same, and produce an online mag:
click here
This is produced in Abode InDesign and converted to pdf for on-line subscribers.

When your colleagues say 'rip', they are maybe refering to 'download', and are using the wrong terminology. It's just called 'downloading'.

If they are referring to the document to be sent from a server to a pc then onto a printer, once again, wrong terminology. It should be 'transfer'. (Possibly transfer rate/time in your case).

'Rip'ping refers to activities such as copying music from a CD to your PC, or pages/info from a website for use in your own docs/apps, or by-passing security on sites to gather information (i.e; ripping off).

  fitshase 21:49 10 Jan 2007

PDF will be quicker than a Word Document as the PDF is a compressed format and therefore will be a smaller file size for the network and printer to deal with.

Physical print speed is determined by the printer but a printer will "process" the file quicker if it is smaller (i.e., will receive the file and start printing quicker).

  Taff™ 22:01 10 Jan 2007

You can produce a Newsletter in (Word/Publisher/HTML) whatever you want. Turn it into a PDF file and send it out using OE or Outlook - depends on your database. There are so many factors involved you need to post back with what you want to do.

For example - anything over 100 recipients is basically at the ISP`s discretion AND that depends on the size of the attachment. If you are a "Home User" with basic broadband you have got no chance of mailing over 100 multiple users in one go.

Technotiger`s response is at the top end of the "professional scale". You may work for a much smaller organisation who just need to communicate with existing customers.

  Angry Kid 22:07 10 Jan 2007

Thank you for your post also.

Thanks for clearing up the 'RIP' issue.

Angry ;)

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