Word Document Problem?

  manrow 17:05 25 Mar 2009

I created a Word document which I then wirelessly save on my desktop computer.

When I open same document which originally was only 1 A4 page length, it now shows on the desktop as 22 pages long with loads of hieroglyphic symbols!

Anyone hazard a guess at whether this is caused by a fault in the Word programme or is it an operating system problem?

How do I correct this problem?

Before anyone says it if I use the laptop to read the document it is fine.

  howard64 17:11 25 Mar 2009

I would guess something got corrupted in the transfer. Try sending it again and see what happens. Obviously you could use a usb key to transfer it as well. It could also be that the file was encrypted by the wireless.

  DieSse 19:50 25 Mar 2009

"I created a Word document which I then wirelessly save on my desktop computer."

Can you please be a bit clearer.

You create a document on one computer, then save it on a different computer. The two computers are on a wireless network. Is that correct?

What version of Word is on each computer?

When you open it again, you mean from the second computer, or on the originating computer?

What format are you saving in? the standard .doc?

  MAT ALAN 20:01 25 Mar 2009

methinks there could be a 2003 v 2007 issue here...

  manrow 20:38 25 Mar 2009

DieSse, I store any work I produce on my computers, laptop or desktop, on supplementary hard drives fitted in the desktop machine case.

When I open original Word files stored on the desktop, they appear as I intended when viewed on the laptop. But on the desktop they appear with of hieroglyphics, making them almost unreadable.

I used exactly the same cd to load Word 2000 onto each machine.

  Simsy 20:54 25 Mar 2009

It's ok when read using the document using the laptop, (assuming it's the same actual file, i.e. the laptop is accessing a file on the desktop), indicates that the file isn't the problem, but rather the Desktop "Word" isn't reading it properly...

What happens if you open "Word" first and then open the file using the File>Open method?

I'm clutching at straws rather but it might be worth renaming the default template, "normal.dot", on the desktop to something else. Restarting Word will recreate a new one. Word problems are often the result of a corrupted template, though it does seem unlikely in this case.

I am assuming that the "faulty" version is actually opening in "Word" rather than some other programme?

You could also, as a short term workround, try installing OpenOffice on the desktop to see whether the document opens OK with that.

And there is the "Repair" feature via the Word help menu.

And that's me out of ideas!



  manrow 21:04 25 Mar 2009

Simsy, I think you may have identified the problem! Until I discovered that the document would open ok on the laptop, each time I opened a corrupted document I spent ages deleting the irrelevant text etc., and then on saving I have been asked if I wanted to save the 'Normal template' which it would then prevent me doing!

  Simsy 08:32 27 Mar 2009

Have you tried deleting/renaming "normal.dot" with "Word" closed. That should be possible. Reopening "Word" should recreate a new default, normal.dot.

If that doesn't cure things I'd suggest an un-install, then delete normal.dot, then a reinstall.

Good luck,



  manrow 15:37 27 Mar 2009


I followed your original advice, renamed the "normal.dot", and sure enough a new one was created when Word started and the problem has gone.

Thanks to all who tried to advise.

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