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  sobeitjedi 18:02 01 Jul 2004


I have a Word document that I wish to convert to PDF. The document has a table of contents so that when the page number is clicked in the contents, you are directed to that page within the document.

When I convert this document to a PDF with Adobe PDF Writer, and open the PDF document, the ability to go to pages via the contents page is lost. How do I get around this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  Pesala 18:52 01 Jul 2004

I don't have Adobe PDF Writer, but check to see if there is an option to enable hyperlinks. If not, you might be able to include bookmarks, which can be made to do the same thing, not from the contents page, but from the bookmarks panel in Adobe Reader. Again, your PDF software will need to support bookmarks.

  sobeitjedi 19:38 01 Jul 2004

What PDF converter software will support hyperlinks? I'll try anything if it works!

  Pesala 19:48 01 Jul 2004

click here

I'm not sure whether that is your best or cheapest option. I have the standard version, which is fine, but it doesn't support hyperlinks or bookmarks. It is shareware so you can try it out first. The unregistered version prints an advertising banner at the bottom of each page.

The advantage of a PDF printer driver like this is that is can be used to produce PDFs from any program.

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