A word from the culprit...

  barryoneoff 01:19 03 Jan 2003
  barryoneoff 01:19 03 Jan 2003

First off, I offer my apologies to all concerned, I did not realise at the time that it would cause such a fuss. I was slightly inebriated at the time (no excuse, I know) and a certain wizard (G) has had a polite pop at me through his "links" (no offence taken by the way) about this. Secondly, I would just like to point out that I have put my own URL in postings before now, and will do so again in the future asking for more of your advice, and have nothing whatsoever against this practise. All I meant to ask at the time was why it was necessary to post the same link seventeen times in the six threads that were on the page? Due to my condition at the time I seemed to have worded it a bit too strongly. The site in question is a brilliant site and no disrespect was intended. I hope most of you, especially the lady in question, will accept my apologies. I have also told the missus not to let me log on next time I have a few pints. Once again...Sorreeeee!

  Quiller. 01:26 03 Jan 2003

barryoneoff. If most of us were breath tested for drinking and posting, most of us would be banned from the site. 12 month automatic ban. lol

How many of us have in the morning thought. God, what did I post last night. I have.

  Stokey 01:43 03 Jan 2003

I think that most of us who "know" you for what you are, ie. a nice fellow would have thought no more about it.

Anway you were obviously a tad drunk at the time.
You never know you may post from the culprit again, I'd lay odds it will never be from the pulpit though, lol.

Good on'yer Whiz :o)

  barryoneoff 02:02 03 Jan 2003

Never again!!!

  michelleuk 06:16 03 Jan 2003


I did not intend to cause a problem, but as you brought the topic up, I wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules. That's why I wrote the I apologise thread. I need the help of the people here and I didn't want to be doing something I could be 'banned for'.

I didn't use any names in the post because even though you mentioned it, it didn't mean you were the only one thinking it. No one is ever alone in thinking something. If my posting has offended you or if I've blown it out of all proportion, then I apologise to you. I took no offence from what you wrote, I only sought to seek clarification and apologise at the same time.

Take Care

P.S. I hope this does not stop you from responding to my many cries for help!

  Djohn 09:45 03 Jan 2003

barryoneoff, Nice one mate. :o)

  bvw in bristol 09:57 03 Jan 2003

Good man :o)

  jazzypop 11:06 03 Jan 2003

Drinking and typing? Disgraceful! There ought to be several laws against it!

:) :) :)

It takes a big person to apologise - Michelle obviously has no problems with what you did, just move on :)

  barryoneoff 00:49 04 Jan 2003

much better than I expected, cheers (so far!) Thanks als to the people who e-mailed me. Will answer all later on.

  Forum Editor 01:28 04 Jan 2003


And thanks for taking the time to apologise - it's not always easy.

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