Word crashes when pasting stuff from Internet

  mark_jm 10:41 15 Aug 2005

I have a problem with Word. When ever I try to paste stuff from the net word just hangs up

If I alt/Ctrl/Del and end the task windows trys to send an error message the details of which are:
szappname:winword.exe, szappver:11.0.6502.0

Its a fully paid up version of word 2003
Any ideas ?

  Batch 12:43 15 Aug 2005

I get a similar problem with Word 2000 if I don't allow it internet access (via ZoneAlarm Firewall) at the time of doing the paste. Do you allow Word internet access (do you have a firewall even to block access)?

I don't like giving such things permanent internet access unnecessarily, but giving temporary access seems unavoidable in this case. I'm not sure what the access is required for, as pasting even a simple piece of text from a web page gives this problem. Maybe it is trying to do something with obscure fonts used on some web pages.

Anyone shed any more light?

  pj123 14:04 15 Aug 2005

Just tried copying and pasting various bits from 4 different websites into Word 2000 - no problem.

I have Zone Alarm running but did not get asked to allow internet access.

Try pasting it into Wordpad instead of Word and see if that makes a difference.

  wee eddie 14:32 15 Aug 2005

If you try to paste the whole page with all that complex "html" coding, it does not surprise me at all.

Save it as a .txt file and then paste what you want into Word later.

  phil-smith.tk 14:36 15 Aug 2005

this is usualy normal isn't it?

Microsoft Word is copying the text and image data you selected to copy from the internet in your internet browser so it would seem that Microsoft Word has "crashed" when it hasn't its just taking its time copying data from the internet browser (word shouldn't need access to the internet - just the browser)

try this again but this time wait a few minutes (maybe 5 mins or more dependent on how much data)

  mark_jm 08:55 25 Aug 2005

It crashes even if i try to paste a simple web address from the addres bar, not to complicated a thing to copy is it. Stuff pastes into exel no problem I have to paste it there then copy it and paste it into word. This works but its a pain and it shoudnt be like this ay?
I have norton internet security running could this be the problem?

  VoG II 09:03 25 Aug 2005

In Word try Detect and Repair on the Help menu.

  mark_jm 09:07 25 Aug 2005

The word program in the norton firewall settings was set to have automatic access. I have now selected permit all from the list of access types, this seems to have fixed the problem, but am I now at risk from viruses etc ?

  Batch 15:24 02 Sep 2005

A bit of further investigation suggests that Word trys to resolve any links in the info. being copied. If internet access isn't allowed, I'd guess it tries to resolve each one in turn and then eventually times-out and moves on to the next one. After what can be quite some while, the copy eventually succeeds. As phil-smith.tk suggests - wait!

In any event, the IP address that is trying to be accessed is (the loopback address which equates to yourself), so if internet access is given there shouldn't be any risk (and teh copy succeeds quickly), but it then begs the question as to what Word is trying to achieve?

  Mike-312602 23:07 20 Nov 2005

I have Zone Alarm and Word 2002. This problem just started after recent download/update of ZA.
On program Control in ZA give Word a green tick in the trusted column of the Access option. Seems to have solved the problem for me.

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