A word of caution, Broadband usage meters.

  tristar 18:52 03 Jan 2011

A Couple of days back I had a message from BT saying I'd used 7GB of my allotted 10GB broadband allowance for December.
I installed a Tautology Bandwidth meter (free download)to check on my usage. A few hours later
it told me I had used 2.56GB. I called BT to check, in case I had a virus problem.
They told me my actual usage was 0.2GB!
It would not seem wise to trust the accuracy of these 'meters'

Happy New Year.


  uk-wizard 19:40 03 Jan 2011

I have had no problems with Tautology but I have heard that it is not too good with 64bit Windows.

  Fingees 19:52 03 Jan 2011

I use think broadband with w7 64 bit.

click here

  Pauper 15:31 25 Mar 2011

It may be worth checking to see if all of what you download counts against your limit.

According to T-Mobile (my provider), only streaming data counts towards my limit.

  wiz-king 16:34 25 Mar 2011

I think you have been iformed wrongly, anything downloaded count towards your usage.

  Pauper 12:53 29 Mar 2011

From the T-mobile web site -

Fair Use Policy for internet on your phone

However much you use the internet, you'll never get charged extra

We're the only operator to offer you a fixed price for browsing and emailing on your phone with no limits and no extra charges.

* Use 3G for getting online on your phone when you're out and about
* Never pay more than your monthly fixed price
* You can always browse and email with no limits

Is there an allowance?
You can browse and email as much as you want.

There is a 500MB allowance for streaming videos and uploading and downloading files. If you hit this limit during the month, you won't be able to do this stuff again until the next month.

For the best internet on your phone, connect to your home WiFi, so you won't even touch your 500MB allowance.

What about using apps?
Some apps use a normal internet connection, so they will work just like your browsing and email allowance. But there are some apps that use streaming connections, so these will fall into the 500MB allowance.

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