Word 97 and French Dictionary

  User-423BB756-DC04-407F-92FD256950F3324D 13:41 21 Jul 2003

I have Microsoft Office 97 including Word 97 installed on my PC and I also have the French version of MS Office / Word 97 ready to install.

1. Can I install the French MS Office or just French Word 97 as well as having the English version installed and have them work as separate
programmes or will they corrupt each other?

2. Or can I transfer just the dictionary from the French version to the English version to overcome any conflicts and if so what files do I transfer?

  DieSse 14:37 21 Jul 2003

I don't know if it's the same in Word97 - I've got Word2000 and there is a French (and Spanish)dictionaly included with the English version.

If you install Office, or just Word in French, there are ceratin common, but different, language files, and you will end up with a terrible mishmash - I know, I've tried with English and Spanish versions. It can work better with WinXP if you set up two users, one in English, one in Spanish - but earlier Windows will be a diaster.

I'm not sure about just the dictionary files, and sorr,y but don'e have time to look right now. Try the MicroSoft site.

  graham√ 14:45 21 Jul 2003

I'm no expert, but as the English and French versions of Office are different products you should be safe installing both. They will be seperate programs.

As for transferring the Dictionary, Phew! Keep us posted on that one!

Thanks DieSee - For information I'm running Windows ME.

I have tried to set the English version of Word to look for the French dictionary but it only tells me a DLL file is missing.

I definitely do not want to mess up my current version of Word, therefore would prefer to transfer the dictionary files if that's possible?

  DieSse 22:54 21 Jul 2003

Absolutely not - and I know for sure because I've tried.

The reason is that although they may be on seperate CDS, with lots of different files, when installed, many of the dll files that are pointed to come in different versions for each language. Thus the last version installed will have it's language specific files pointed to, rather than the earlier ones.

Even if you install the French one to a different folder, or drive, many of the dll files, and inf files are stored in the Windows folder anyway. You get effects such as - start the English version, go to Help, and you get help in French. As I say, a mishmash.

  DieSse 23:03 21 Jul 2003

Just a thought - see if you can find the French dictionary, and install it as, or add it to, your custom dictionary.

You may have to get the French dictionary from another system, as it may not be possible get it direct from the CD.

  graham√ 08:17 22 Jul 2003

I bow to your superior knowledge! :-)

  fazza8 08:21 22 Jul 2003

Bite the bullet and buy Office XP. It has intuitive dictionaries that switch from English, French and Spanish as you type. I am an MFL teacher and they're great. (I have a good tip for accents if anyone is interested.)

  consultik 12:27 22 Jul 2003

Go on then don't keep us all waiting what is it....

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