Word 2007 Second Pages.

  JohnM. 16:21 02 Jul 2009

How do I get a blank page on a report that has the company logo and title header on page one. I have tried all different approaches but the header shows up on the second page. I bet it really is simple.


  Taff™ 16:25 02 Jul 2009

Is this a template you made yourself or provided by the company?

  Taff™ 17:22 02 Jul 2009

This little guide I posted some time ago and works for the versions above. It may help you with 2007 - Let me know.

If you create a letterhead in Word using the header/footer to hold your address details and company logo it will appear on every page of a document. Ideally you only want it on the first page and perhaps subsequent pages to be shown as a continuation with the pages numbered. Here`s how …..

In Word you open a new blank document. Immediately put in enough carriage returns to go to page 2. Open View>Header and Footer and click in the header on the second page. (Important) On the toolbar open Page Settings. Select the tick box “Different First Page”.

Now go down to the second page footer and enter your second (and subsequent) pages footer which might also include “Page X of Y” for example. Close Header & Footer View.

Go back to the first page and open View> Header & Footer again. Click into the Header, Note that it is now labelled “First Page Header” – Insert your address text & logo. (Insert>Picture>From File) Right click the logo and select the Layout Tab then select "In Front Of Text" - You can now move and resize this within the Header. Make all of the text in the header align to the right, centre or left.

If you scroll down the page you`ll see that the header and footers are now labelled “First Page Footer” – “Header” & “Footer” on the second page.

This is Microsoft for you! Everything has to be done back to front starting with the second page and then going backwards – it had me stumped for years.

Now remove all the carriage returns, save the document and then try this. If you fill up page one and go on to the second page continuation it works as you wanted. If you force a page break. i.e. Insert>Break and select Section Break>New Page you get another page one style with Logo in the header and Contact Info in the footer. Neat or what? That means that if you need to copy and paste information into your second page that might be printed off and distributed separately from the first page (A notice or terms and conditions for example) – you have a choice.

Having created the Template you then need to save it as a template which will put it in your Word templates folder. (File>Save As and call it “[YourName] Letterhead” but change the box called File Type to Word Template (.dot).

To use this again open Word and go File>New and select from the General Templates.

Relatively easy once you know how!

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