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  onthelimit1 14:50 11 May 2015

Just set up a new Acer AIO PC with W 8.1. Have installed Office 2007. When the lady hits Save As, the file name in the SaveAs box is always Document 1 - she prefers (what should be the default setting) of the name being the first few words of the document.

All my machines with 2007 work in the default way. I just can't find how to change hers (and don't understand why it's like it anyway as it's not been fiddled with since install).

Many thanks

  Peter 16:01 11 May 2015


Perhaps try Save instead of Save As.

*Peter. *

  compumac 17:02 11 May 2015

"Save" would give document1, which is the point of having "Save as" to indicate the name of the file and for its intended repository.

  lotvic 17:38 11 May 2015

Having tried mine out... I find I disagree with both Peter and compumac, did you both do a test document to see the result?

I find that my Word 2007 gives me the first few words on the document filled in as a suggested file name. The only place I see 'Document 1' displayed is on the header of the document window before it has been saved for the first time.

  onthelimit1 17:43 11 May 2015

As I have always understood it, save is to save an existing document under the same name after editing.

Lotvic - I'm the same as you - document 1 on the Header, and then the first few words of the doc on the save as panel. Wondering if it's a template problem but, as I said, nothing changed since a standard install.

  lotvic 17:59 11 May 2015

Yes I'm thinking some sort of template prob. Well it won't harm to delete the Normal.dotm in the templates folder and then word will recreate it on next Word start-up and hopefully that will fix the prob.

  onthelimit1 18:41 11 May 2015

Thanks - I'll try that via Teamviewer tomorrow.

  compumac 18:42 11 May 2015


When you said you disagree with me, what is it that you disagree with?

If the document already has a name then indeed "Save" will save that document using the same name.

I took it that the problem was with an initial "Save" procedure.

Yes I too, when saving, have the first part of the document as the title as the suggested name.

Yes, I would agree with you that creating a fresh Normal.dotm would probably cure the problem.

  lotvic 19:44 11 May 2015


I also refer to an initial "Save" procedure, I disagree with your 5:02PM post: ""Save" would give document1 as a suggested file name"

But on your 6:42PM post you then say: "Yes I too, when saving, have the first part of the document as the title as the suggested name" so I don't know what point you are making?

  compumac 20:16 11 May 2015


I was thinking back (a long time ago)when I had a similar problem as the onthelimit1 and when you clicked on "Save" it did indeed give the doc1 in the event of the initial text not being employed/selected as being the name of the file.

Just gone back though my very old notes and found that I did indeed cure the problem by creating a new normal.doc.

Don't want to fall out over this.

  lotvic 20:31 11 May 2015

No, not falling out, just didn't understand what you meant so I was asking more info, thinking you had done a test document and got a different result to when I tested it out.

I didn't/don't know for sure that recreating normal.dotm template will be the answer, just that it's worth a try :)

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