Word 2007 Save error

  Islandgirl 11:50 27 Jan 2011

I am having so much trouble with Word 2007 in Windows 2007 it is driving me up the wall. I am now using Windows 7 Professional. I have no trouble with the rest of my Word, but have one document [Managed Bonds] which will not save without these messages coming up.
"Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. (H:\...\MANAGED BONDS.docx)
and then
"Word encountered a problem while trying to save the document. Do you want Word to save the document as H\Documents\Rescue.asd and mark the file to be recovered the next time it is opened"
I have tried opening a new Document and pasting the contents into it, but I still get these messages and so I thought I would be clever and save a well used and “good behaving” document to another name and then delete the contents of the old good document and paste the contents of my Managed Bonds File to that file – but lo and behold – I got these same messages up. I am the only user of this PC and am administrator by the way. Every time I go into it to have to recover it and rename it is really doing my head in. Can you help PLEASE. Islandgirl

  adam32 16:44 27 Jan 2011

When I last read anything about that error in Word 2007, it was caused by AV software apparently failing to unlock a file after scanning it. But that was a few years ago now. As I understand it, some AVs lock files and some don't, just as some other software doesn't need to lock files. If your H partition is an external drive, that might be a factor in this. To see if any other software is locking your file, search for Unlocker, install it, and use to view the processes that are locking a file when you next get this error. No need to use Unlocker to remove the lock or end the offending process if you don't want to mess with it; just use it to find out whether this is the cause. If it is, change your AV software.

  Islandgirl 11:04 22 Feb 2011

Thank you Adam - I have been a long time as I have now updated my AVG and made Microsoft Office an exception. I installed "unlocker" and it gave Win.sys as the reason????? Anyway thank you it seems to be ok now. Islandgirl

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