Word 2007 problem

  JohndVoller 12:28 09 May 2008

I cannot get rid of a line of symbols (square black dots) that I acquired accidentally and now occur on several pages of a long document and also in the print-outs.
I wanted to insert a line of asterisks ( and pressed shift asterisk, but must have pressed the wrong key).
This line of black squares appeared and I cannot delete them!
I can push them down a page but they jump up again.
Please help me!

  dewskit 13:58 09 May 2008

Just a thought - can you copy one of the black squares into Edit> 'Find and Replace' then use a space character to replace them?

  Eric10 14:33 09 May 2008

This is a feature of Word that was present even in some earlier versions. If you type 3 or more asterisks (*) then press the Enter key it will give a full line of squares. If you do the same with 3 hyphens (-) you will get a thin line across the page, 3 underscore characters (_) gives a thick line, 3 equals signs (=) gives a double line.

You can change this behaviour if you go to Office Button, Word Options, Proofing, and click the Autocorrect Options button at the top. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab and remove the tick from "Border lines".

If you don't want to change this then, at the time of typing, you can over ride it by clicking Undo as soon as it happens or by pressing Ctrl+Z.

You can get rid of the lines now by moving your mouse into the left margin next to the line until it changes to an arrow then click to highline the start of the line and press the Delete key. It may be wise to introduce a couple of blank lines above and below so that you don't delete more than you intended but if you do delete too much just remember the Undo feature.

  Eric10 17:22 09 May 2008

Received by email:
"Thank you Eric 10. The instructions have partly worked - but I cannot delete the lines by any of the ways you recommend."

This isn't meant as a rebuke but just for your information. Please post any comments in this original thread so that others can see how the problem is going. If you resort to email then you are cutting out people who may well have the answer you seek. Also, if the problem gets resolved, it is helpful for us all to know how it was arrived at so that we can all learn and be better able to help others.

I've now replicated the problem you are having and I think we can fix it by copying and pasting to a new document.

Click the "Show/Hide Formatting" icon on the ribbon. That's the one in the Paragraph section that looks like a reversed capital 'P'

Now that you can see the marker at the end of each paragraph, you need to select all the text down to the first line of dots but make sure not to include the last paragraph marker before the dots. If you have trouble excluding the paragraph mark from the selection just make the selection then hold the Shift key and press the left arrow key to deselect it.

Copy the selection and paste into a new document then press Enter for a new line. Now, back in the original document, select down to the next row of dots and do the same thing. In this way you can build up a new document without the problem lines.

When finished, just click the "Show/Hide Formatting" icon again to return everything back to normal.

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