word 2007 layout problem with ?margins

  sheila.weston 17:20 01 Jan 2012

I have just opened a M/S Word2007 document which I created a week ago. Some of the pages look as if there should be two columns and the existing script is in the right hand column. I have checked the columns option and it is set to ONE column. I have checked the margins option and it shows normal. I have tried using the format painter from another page which looks correct - no luck. I have the paragraph marks showing and everything looks correct. I tried copying the wrong pages and pasting them into a new document, but it is still wrong.

Has anyone any ideas as to how to correct this, please?

  Woolwell 18:56 01 Jan 2012

With the ruler showing is there any hanging indent?

  sheila.weston 11:20 03 Jan 2012

Yes, it showed a stop above where the 'margin' was.

Now, I can't find my document at the moment but, I am almost sure that I tried moving the 'tab stopper' and it didn't affect the margin. Should it have done?

  Woolwell 11:34 03 Jan 2012

Try entering the paragraph settings and see what alignment and indentation is set.

  sheila.weston 17:17 03 Jan 2012

I've found it now. Yes, there is a 'stop' above where the margin is. Moving it to the left (back to '0') does not make any difference. The para style shows the left indent to be 5cms, so I have changed it back to 0, which is OK now. Thank you very much.

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