Word 2003 Woes

  MIKE. 12:33 10 Oct 2007

A friend of mine is having trouble with Word 2003 on his Desktop. He has office 2003 Basic Edition and is running Windows XP Home. When he tries to loads Word, the word splash screen appears then hangs and goes no further (word used to work), when you try to close down the machine it just freezes.If you force the Desktop to close down when you reload windows and try again to load Word, Word will load in safe mode but still not load correctly. All the other functions of office work correctly Excel etc. I have removed office reloaded and it is still the same,I even loaded office 2000 and that is the same, Word will not load. I have Run Regscrubxp reg check & AVG no Virus's found I am now stumped.
Any Ideas please as I am lost as what to do next. Sorry for the long ramble.

  mgmcc 12:38 10 Oct 2007

Can you launch Word 2003 in Safe Mode and then from its menus select "Detect and Repair"?

Repairing an "Office" application can often be more successful than uninstalling/reinstalling, which tends not to fix corrupted registry entries.

  Eric10 13:07 10 Oct 2007

These problems are often caused by a corrupted Normal.dot template.
Make sure that your PC is set to see hidden files and folders (Open 'My Computer' then Tools, Folder Options, View tab). Search for normal.dot and rename any that are found to normal.old. Next time Word opens a new default template will be created.
Note: If you have any macros or custom settings these are saved in normal.dot and will not be available but if this doesn't cure the problem you can just rename back to normal.dot to restore them.

  MIKE. 14:45 10 Oct 2007

First of all thanks to mgmcc for his help I tried what you suggested no change.
Thanks to Eric10 for his Idea just going to try now. Only one BB conection so will come back with reply a bit later.

  MIKE. 14:50 10 Oct 2007

Eric10 when I rename the normal.dot templates as you say word creates a new template and word loads. When I close Word and reload I have the same problem it seems as if the template word is creating is faulty.

  MIKE. 15:09 10 Oct 2007


  MIKE. 15:59 10 Oct 2007


  MIKE. 17:57 10 Oct 2007

If I did a repair of windows would that repair the registry if it was corupt. As that is all I can think of re word problem

  skeletal 19:04 10 Oct 2007

As you have seen, a corrupt Normal.dot file is often the cause of this sort of problem. I am now a bit puzzled as to why a replacement Normal.dot file is immediately being corrupted. It sounds like you have, unwittingly, got some sort of add-in that loads automatically as you start Word. This then upsets everything.

One such add-in is Adobe writer (it gets everywhere), however, it should not cause such a problem as you describe (I mention it as an example).

Do the Normal.dot trick again and go to Tools/Templates and Add-ins, and look at the list for anything odd. Untick stuff you don’t need and try again.

Also, some stuff will overwrite your ticks, so be aware of what is in there and, if necessary, track it down and uninstall it.

You could also try to “Repair Office” and do the Normal.dot trick at the same time. Repairing Office, or re-installing it, will not cure the Normal.dot problem, you have to do both.


  MIKE. 20:20 12 Oct 2007

A big thank you to all the help recieved on this problem. Once a problem is solved its very easy to forget all the advice given. We have a very skillfull and helpfull group of people on this site and without it a few of us would be lost. So once again thanks to everyone.

  kerses 16:44 22 Nov 2007

Having similar trouble with Word 2003. Tried renaming normal.dot and also clearing the add-ins listed, but still same. Seems to occur most when I click on a menu at the top - File, etc.
Also once while I was away from PC for some minutes.
Any more ideas please? Getting desperate. Am too old for this!! (86)

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