Word 2000 - can't get back to original document

  compuser 22:05 15 Mar 2008

Hello, I re-installed my XP home OS on my laptop and when I restored from a backup a word document I had was re-installed. I then installed a copy of works 7 and displeased with being unable to fax directly from the document, un installed it and re-installed word 2000. The document now has a clear square between every character. how can I get rid of them?

  MAJ 22:11 15 Mar 2008

Are you saying that Word opens with this document as default? If so, do a search of your hard drive for all instances of a file called "Normal.dot" (without the quotes). When/if any are found, delete them. When you re-open Word it will create a new Normal.dot file and use that as the default.

  compuser 09:10 16 Mar 2008

No... The document is opened by me and there are clear squares between each entry i.e. instead of 05/07/08 you get 05#07#08..where # is the clear square.

  MAJ 10:08 16 Mar 2008

So the square isn't 'between every character'? Does the clear square only replace the same character each time, the / (forward slash), or does it replace other characters as well?

  howard64 10:15 16 Mar 2008

this might be useful for you - Remove Formatting

When Microsoft Word users grab a block of text to insert into their document either from another document or from the Web, they may not always want to keep the formatting associated with the text. Learn how to clear all formatting from copied text.

When you copy a block of text into a Microsoft Word document from another document or from a Web page, there's probably formatting associated with the text. If you want to remove the formatting that comes with the block of text, you're in luck because Word provides an easy way to remove all formatting from the copied material at one time, so that it does not interfere with the rest of the document.
All you have to do is Select the copied text and press [Ctrl][Spacebar]. Word converts the selected text to plain text. You can also use this technique to convert an entire document to plain text. Simply press [Crl][A] to select the entire document and then press [Ctrl][Spacebar].

  compuser 12:28 16 Mar 2008

Well, I thought you had found the soluton howard64 but it doesn't work. Can you think of anything else?

  compuser 12:44 16 Mar 2008

Another curiosity is the icon for the word document is in the centre unlike, the other normal word docuents, which, have it in the top left corner and overlapping outside the bounds of the icon. thoughts?

  Sea Urchin 17:44 16 Mar 2008

I would suggest that your document has been converted to be compatible with Word 2007 - but the reverse does not happen when you revert to Word 2000. You would need to find a friend using 2007 and open the document - then use Save As a Word 97-2003 Document to make it compatible again.

  DieSse 17:57 16 Mar 2008

You can get a converter from MS to read Word2007 (and Excel) documents.

I've had a couple of each recently from people who clearly hadn't understood what MS have done to them. (ie make their default docs incompatible with most of the rest of the world).

  Diemmess 17:59 16 Mar 2008

Have you tried "Recover text from any file" in the Open menu?
This works best if it is the content of the file which matters, rather than the presentation.

There will be lines of gobbleygook but these can all be stripped away and the core of readable text the is formmated to your choice.

  Diemmess 18:02 16 Mar 2008

At least Word would not ignore "formmated"

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