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  howard64 17:09 16 Apr 2015

I have been using Office 2000 since it first came out. It was working perfectly on Windows 7 64 bit until about a month ago. Now almost every day when I try to open it I get the message unable to open. If I rename normal.dot it then runs perfectly until it decides not to run again. Sometimes twice in the same day but can go several restarts over a few days with no problem. If I was suspicious I would think MS has decided old version should be upgraded. This version does everything I require and as a silver surfer I do not really want to learn a new program. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have completely removed the program and cleaned all reference from the registry then re-installed but the problem remains. Excel 2000 is not affected and starts perfectly.

  robin_x 17:35 16 Apr 2015

I continued using Office 2000 for a while after I got a W7 x64 laptop.

I also used it on my XP Upgraded to W7 x64 Desktop.

I seem to remember one machine was fine and the other not. Lots of solutions and counter solutions on the web.

One of the main ones was running winword.exe in XP compatibility mode. Or as Admin. Or both or neither

Start search winword.exe. Right click it > Properties > Compatibility tab


I never got Outlook 2000 working in W7. Switched to Thunderbird instead.

Please post the exact wording of the error message.

Do you get it when you double-click an existing Word Document? Or when creating a New Document? Or both?


Alternatives are Libre Office Free


MS Office Starter 2010 (Word/Excel only with Ribbon interface)

  howard64 17:49 16 Apr 2015

thanks for your reply robin_x the problem is that winword will not start when I click on its icon which is pinned to the taskbar. If I type winword.exe /a in the run command it starts as it does if I rename normal.dot.

  robin_x 18:01 16 Apr 2015

/a is Safe mode. So it's not trying to load normal.dot

If you rename or delete it, it creates a new one.

I don't know why it would then fail again.

What is the exact wording of the error message?

Did you try the compatibility settings?

Have you downloaded and installed Word (or Office) 2000 updates and Service Packs?

  robin_x 18:05 16 Apr 2015
  howard64 18:34 16 Apr 2015

Microsoft Word for Windows has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. When I did the clean re-install I used the compatibility mode and set it as a Windows XP sp2 program. I downloaded the updates for Office 2000 but it claimed that it could not find the version it was intended for.

  robin_x 19:24 16 Apr 2015

Sorry. I don't know.

Perhaps make sure your .NET framework is up to date but it's only an off-chance.

If you are able to open Word documents by double-clicking them instead, maybe that could be a workaround.

Sorry I can't help further. It's why I stopped using it. Too many problems and variables.

Support has stopped and not so many use it now for someone to point the problem out.

  howard64 09:36 17 Apr 2015

If I click on either the word icon or on a word document the program will not start. I can get in by using /a or by renaming normal.dot. This is annoying but I can still use the program. Does anyone have any further ideas?

  Batch 14:00 17 Apr 2015

If you'd like to consider trying something very similar to Office 2000, you could look at WPS Office Free (formerly KingSoft). You can switch the User Interface (UI) into Classic Mode and you'll find it very similar to Office 2K.

The one drawback I find with it is that it doesn't have very good macro support (you certainly can't record macros and it may not handle them at all). I suspect the paid for versions may have better macro support.

I looked at it as I get frustrated by Libre Office (LO) and the sheer number of glitches / inconsistencies it has. But as LO has some (albeit limited) macro support, I tend to stick with that.

  howard64 19:55 17 Apr 2015

thank you Batch - it is something to consider if I cannot get anywhere with Word 2000

  howard64 10:04 22 Apr 2015

as an update main pc W7 pro 8GB 64bit sp1 i5 4670k problems with word 2000. Laptop Sony Vaio W7 home Premium 8GB 64bit sp1 i5 2430m no problems with word 2000. Old previous xp laptop with 2GB 32 bit W10 beta no problems with word 2000. So it is something to do with my setup on the main pc. Word 2000 works well with Windows 7 normally and did on my main pc until recently when I had to do a clean install of Windows. As it is ok on the Windows 10 Beta it must be a rogue setting on my main pc.

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