Word 2000

  Jack the Quack 15:27 28 Aug 2006

When I am typing a letter and enter the word 'Collipriest' which is part of an address that I eregularly use and then tap on the shift bar the word 'Collipriest' changes to 'collieries'.

How can I remedy this problem ?

Jack the quack

  VoG II 15:30 28 Aug 2006

Have a look at Autotext > Autocorrect on the Insert menu (at least it is in Word 2003).

  Noldi 16:27 28 Aug 2006

Me I would untick check spelling as you type in tools - options - spelling and grammar.
But if you are using this regular then as VOGs post add it to Autocorrect menu.


  LAP 16:39 28 Aug 2006

How about if you type in Collipriest, highlight it, right click and if you have the option to 'add' select this.

  Noldi 16:55 28 Aug 2006

Lernt something today.
Thanks LAP hope that works for you Jack.


  LAP 17:13 30 Aug 2006

How did you get on?

It's a learning curve and if you do have a result to your problem, please share it with us. Thank you.

  Jack the Quack 10:28 01 Sep 2006

I would like to know the Avery equivalent of Staples labels-STAP14 38.1mm X 99.1MM fourteen per sheet A4 size 210 x 297.

Word 2000 only shows Avery sizes.

From Jack the Quack

  LAP 18:56 03 Sep 2006

That's another question you haven't answered the first yet!

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