Wont let me access..

  Mixson 16:00 15 Jun 2007

click here
When I go on this site it does not fill the page and wont let me access things such as 'projects'.
A friend has the same Acer laptop as me and when they go on the site it fills the page and they can access everything. What could the problem be?

  brundle 16:49 15 Jun 2007

Close Internet Explorer, go to start menu/run, type

regsvr32 vbscript.dll

press return, go to start menu/run again, type

regsvr32 jscript.dll

press return.

Now try the site again

  Mixson 17:15 15 Jun 2007

I followed your instructions exactly, went to the web page but it is still the same.

  brundle 17:18 15 Jun 2007

Your OS? Your browser? Antivirus ? Internet Security? Anti-spyware apps? Problems with other sites?
All helps to give us something to go on

  Mixson 17:23 15 Jun 2007

My pc is completely fine, no virus etc, the mentioned site is the only one that is causing a problem.

  Mixson 17:49 15 Jun 2007

On the site it says works better if the screen settings are 1024x786 24bit, true color.
How do I change to this? Would it be the right thing to do? Remember I am not exactly computer literate and need easy to understand instructions please.

  ambra4 18:14 15 Jun 2007

Right click on desktop click on properties click on setting change screen res to 1024x786 by dragging pointer across also change color setting to 24 or 34 bit you can change these setting to suit you monitor and your personal likes.

All the other tabs are areas that you should set

  brundle 18:19 15 Jun 2007

Try DialAFix, run everything;
click here

  Mixson 20:38 15 Jun 2007

I did what the website said to do using your instructions. The site was the same but distorted.

  Mixson 10:51 16 Jun 2007

Thanks for all your advice. I have been using Firefox as my access to the internet and someone said use it through Internet Explorer and Scottie Press is working perfectly now.

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