Won't go past "Welcome" screen

  Dazwm 18:12 25 Jun 2003

My brothers computer is running XP Pro but when he starts it up it won't go past the blue "welcome" screen. He has to Ctrl + Alt + Del then it goes in to windows and on to his desktop. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  Gaz 25 18:39 25 Jun 2003

Which program is causing it?

A sfc /scannow may solve any windows files that are causing it,.

Disable redundant entries in startup: Go to run and type msconfig in the box and click ok.

Then check for startup files yuo do not need.,

Does it do this in safemode>?

  Dazwm 18:52 25 Jun 2003

What is sfc/scannow and how do I know which startup files I need?

  VoG® 18:54 25 Jun 2003

click here - see "Require Users to Press CTRL+ALT+DEL Before the Classic Logon Screen Is Displayed" - it sounds like this might have been done.

You could try deleting the DWORD value.


  VoG® 18:57 25 Jun 2003

System File Checker

Start, Run, type in


(note the space before /)

Click OK.

On second thoughts, don't try the registry edit I suggested unless you know what you are doing. Better to put up with an annoyance than und up with a 'puter that won't boot.

List of startup files click here

  Dazwm 19:00 25 Jun 2003

How do I backup the registry?

  VoG® 19:04 25 Jun 2003

Start the registry editor by Start, Run, type


and click OK.

File/Export and save a copy to the desktop. Double clicking this backup will restore the Registry.

Use the + signs on the left hand pasne to navigate to the specified folder.


Take care and good luck.

  Dazwm 19:54 25 Jun 2003

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