Wont formatt Fat32 / So went Fat16 and thats Ok

  Ex plorer 19:36 07 Dec 2006

Hi Just formatting an old 6.4 HD,Fat32 it gets to 98% and then tries to collect allocation units after 5 min the drive gets very noisy and the format cant be competed.
So I decided to go Fat 16 way and use 33% of my drive which it formatted no problem.

I am going to put an old version of Win95 onto it, is there any real benefit in using 75% of the drive or more.

I do not fully understand Fat16 apart from you are splitting the drive into sections and it’s formatted and made active.

What is the unformatted for?

  ed-0 19:46 07 Dec 2006

It looks as if the last segment of the hard drive is damaged.

Why don't you create a partition on the hard disk by using fdisk.

Set the partition at say " 80% ". This will allow you to use about 5Gb of the hard drive. Make this "A" active and disregard the last 20% of the drive. You could then format the drive in FAT32. A more suitable file allocation table than fat16.

  Ex plorer 19:48 07 Dec 2006

Hi thanks never thought of that.

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