Won't detect hdd

  bdub 08:23 22 Mar 2003

Ive just fitted a new processor and mainboard.
It will not detect the Hdd (set to master and in slot IDE1) It also will not see CD (IDE2)however it does see the floppy and the startup disk works.But I cant fdisk or anything as there is apparantly no Hdd.Ive tried another Hdd but the same problem occurs,Both hdds(20 gbs) work in another computer.
Ive had a play in bios but to no avail, any ideas?

  MAJ 08:30 22 Mar 2003

Sounds like either faulty IDE controllers on the motherboard or faulty IDE cables, bdub.

  zanwalk 09:15 22 Mar 2003

The most obvious things to check are the cables, both IDE and power cables, most problems like this are usually solved by reinserting the cables. A faulty motherboard is possible, but far less likely.

  Rtus 10:04 22 Mar 2003

A thing to watch out for with Pc chips boards is The manual's not accurate , Indicating the Number 1 pin as one place when on the motherboard itself its opposite end to that.. So look hard at the legend on the mother board to see if its correct ..And only add the Hard drive .see if its detected .If successful, then try adding the Cdr drive.keeping them on seperate IDE channels.

  bdub 12:58 22 Mar 2003

Well you are right about the manuals.I removed cd and put the hdd into what they were calling ide 2 and bingo

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