won't boot

  Desperate-Dan 19:45 29 Aug 2007

Hi, this is what I have, Asuss M2V-MX, athlon 64 x2 4400, in a sonata III case, every thing is ok, then sometimes when I bootup it won' bootup I hear the fans I get two leds the power and hdd the hdd led stays on where before it flashers when hdd is active but as I say it stays on. I closed it down had the side panal off tried all the cables nothing wrong there, bootup again this time it boots to windows now this has happended about 2 times I'm puzzled to why this happens, any Idea

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 29 Aug 2007

A couple of possiblities

loose cable to or bad hard drive

power supply unit starting to fail to produce correct voltages.

  woodchip 20:10 29 Aug 2007

Check the Hard Drive for problems using Windows disc check tool

  Desperate-Dan 20:10 29 Aug 2007

This is a new build, I've checked all the cables the psu is a antec 500w it came with the case I know psu that caome with the case are normaly crap but antec psu are good, it could be the hdd it new but I can hear a few quick clicks when I bootup but nothing loud

  woodchip 20:14 29 Aug 2007

As above I think there may be corruption in the MBR. Master Boot Record. Check the drive

  Andy1991 21:28 29 Aug 2007

Doubt the MBR, thats to load the OS, you not even getting a screen from when bios loads, like the diagnostics or the bios'es splash screen. Try a bios update from your motherboard manufacturers website, u ust get ALL details of choosing the update EXACTLEY RIGHT, or you may get large problems, but these updates may solve the problem and may offer new capabilities.

A failing PSU is logical.

  baldydave 21:43 29 Aug 2007

Have just had same problem with exactly the same happening - cure a new psu

  Desperate-Dan 07:20 30 Aug 2007

Checked the disc in windows its ok, the system is running great now, its stopped booting twice in three weeks, I don't thing its the psu, how do I check to find out? it could be the cpu, this system is my first new build, when I was installing the heatsink I thought I had it on the wrong way I took it off then put back on, now I know I've broke the seal, but as I Say its running ok no high temps, I'm getting new cpu cooler so how it goes.

  woodchip 10:59 30 Aug 2007

The MBR controls not to load Windows only. It controls everything on the Drive. If it cannot read the MBR it cannot start. It's a Index to the Drive. Clicking, sounds like it cannot read the drive.


If you checked the Drive with windows,it may have corrected a fault

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