Wondering about Linux?

  DieSse 11:49 17 Mar 2008

Try this very straightforward "whats-this-linux-thing-and-why-should-i-try-it" article

click here

  DieSse 20:56 17 Mar 2008


  skidzy 21:16 17 Mar 2008

Had a quick look around at your link thankyou,however do you have any views on Sabayon ?

Have not researched it yet,but will in due course.
Im currently building a new test rig but will take time to get the bits and bobs together,hopefully this will end up as a mid - top range system....so would be interested in any comments on Sabayon .

  DieSse 23:45 17 Mar 2008

I did try it some time ago - I've given a quick try of most of the major ones over the 12-18 months. I don't remember anything of note about it, to be honest.

I've pretty much settled on Ubuntu v8.04, which is to be the next long term support version. It's currently at alpha6 - first beta any minute now I would think.

It's very smart, already works with no noticeable hassle, and is getting more updated goodies in each release. Final release due in April, at which time I shall start migrating to it in earnest. Still running XP most of the time, but trying bit by bit (as I get time), the various elements I will need to use with Ubuntu.

On some older systems I've got lying around, I've been very impressed with Puppy but I plan also to try some others too.

Later this year I plan to get one of the new small laptops (a la Asus eeePC) - don't know which yet as so many still to launch - which will, of course, be Linux based.

  Picklefactory 12:19 18 Mar 2008

You got me thinking. Only ever used Windows, so Linux and others always sound kinda scary and alien. What would recommend it over Windows, and what wouldn't? Pro's v cons?
Thinking of new build in next few months, security side sounds very interesting, I think I need to educate myself on this.

  dms05 14:27 18 Mar 2008

I think DieSse initial link is a very good Pro and Cons article. I've played around with various Linux versions (Distro's) over the past couple of years and my personal choice is PC Linux OS 2007. If you're using XP then you will immediately feel at home. For me the advanatges are Security, Cost and Usability. It scores well in all departments. First of all it's free, not just the OS but all the applications - and it has many very good one's. It's simple to use (OK you need to get used to a few things but it's like any new OS and needs a bit of input initially). I found switching from XP to PCLinuxOS 2007 to be easier than switching from XP to Vista.

DieSse likes Ubuntu. I also like the look and feel but have had problems with hardware compatibility, so I don't use it. I've also tried Puppy which runs entirely in memory and so is very very fast. I've tried Slax (which I also like) as a small version. It has a very effective Module approach to additional applications.

Finally you can try using a Live-CD. It's a version of a Linux Distro on a CD, it boots directly from the CD and doesn't go anywhere near your Hard Disk or Windows. It's obviously slower because it's using a CD but it gives a good feel for Linux and the Applications. You can download one easily and burn the iso image to a CD. That's how I started and became more and more interested.

It's also possible to dual boot so you can select either Windows or Linux when both are installed on your hard disk.

Linux is easy, very stable, doesn't suffer from widespread virus infection and is completely free. What more do you want?

  pk46 16:22 18 Mar 2008

God i can't get my old head around Linux any version,and that that bloody movie player that won't play anything.
Linux is big in America though.

  DieSse 23:00 18 Mar 2008

one last refresh

  woodchip 23:05 18 Mar 2008

click here
live cd

  D@ve 23:21 18 Mar 2008

I've tried a few distros in my time including Sabayon and the common fault I find with all of them is that my mouse cursor moves far too fast even on the slowest settings, so much that it makes the whole experience stressful.

I use a Logitech MX Revolution so I don't know if it has a higher DPI than most mice but it should be a simple task to fix.

  alan2273 23:21 18 Mar 2008

I have been using Linux for a couple of years now and would not go back to Windows.
One distro that has not bneen mentioned was an offshoot of Ubuntu origonally, is Linux Mint.
This distro automatically installs sound drivers and DVD playback has a program called Envy for a one click install of the graphics drivers, has its own repository and can also use the Ubuntu repositries.
It can be used as a live CD and also has a six month cycle betwwen distro upgrades.

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