Won on the lottery - best PC to buy?

  compumac 22:11 02 Oct 2012

I have won twice on the National Lottery in the past two weeks, and would ask as to recommendations for the best PC to purchase. I work on Excel Spreadsheets, Word documents, browse the internet and e-mail mainly. I do not bother with games.

  Nontek 22:17 02 Oct 2012

Snap! Me too, but I had already recently bought a nice new laptop - from Novatech, a NNB-929H (i5 2450M - 4Gb - 500Gb - Win7, to which I have added a further 4Gb RAM.

  Nontek 22:33 02 Oct 2012

In addition to the laptop, I purchased the Pro versions of my favorite Software including PDF Converter Pro and the complete latest Nero.

  Woolwell 22:55 02 Oct 2012
  Woolwell 22:55 02 Oct 2012

ps That was for desktops. For a laptop try a Macbook.

  wee eddie 00:14 03 Oct 2012

I won last week ~~~ But only a Tenner! ~~~ Back to the Drawing Board.

p.s. If you had just won the lottery ~~~~ you'd have some Flunky doing your Spread Sheets for you.

  Nontek 07:59 03 Oct 2012

wee eddie

There are 'wins' and there are 'wins', in my case it was a handsome four-figure sum, followed by a very good two-figure sum, but not enough to be life-changing!

But I don't have any worries this year about meeting all my heating bills etc.

  wee eddie 08:42 03 Oct 2012

Have you thought of going Mac.

That 27" All-in-One with M$ Office-for-Mac has to be the Game Maker.

  compumac 08:47 03 Oct 2012

wee eddie Two x £2.50 is not enough to employ a flunky,- come to that it will only buy two coffees. I might have to lower my sights for a new PC for the time being. As Nontek says "there are wins and there are wins", mine nust have been the second one. BUT - I am on a winning streak!

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