Wndiws Stop 0xED Unmountable Boot Volume

  bathjobby 18:42 31 Oct 2004

Out of the blue am getting a stop: 0x000000ED on Windows XP SP1 startup. Have loaded the recovery consol and tried to run chkdsk / r to recover but most disk commands (including simple DIR) except CHKDSK with no parms, hang the machine. CHKDSK with no parms completes and says disk looks ok but has not been checked. Have run FIXBOOT which completed ok (after saying it needed to figure out which disk format was being used) but still same problem on startup. Am considering running MBR /repair but there is data on the disk I would really like a chance of recovering and MS warn against doing this as even if it works, data can be lost, they also advise Virus checking the disk first. Two questions:
1) Any one else any experience to offer on this situation ?
2) A recent article in PCAdvisor was about external disk bays that connected into USB ports. I am sure they showed a standard 3.5" disk bay and a mini Notebook 2.5" disk bay which is the one I need to be able to run Anivirus against this disk. Any one recall the artical and is there was a UK supplier mentioned ? Have searched the web and my last 2 back copies of PCAdvisor to no avail.

  bathjobby 11:27 10 Nov 2004

In case anyone is watching this for outcome, here it is;
Couldn't do hardly anything with this disk, most Recovery Console actions i.e. CHKDSK with any (repair) parms just hung machine. Bought VCOMs Recovery Commander and have managed to recover around 20% of the files from the disk, the remainder appearing unrecoverable as there are too many NTFS Read error from the disk, so it appears I have a physically damaged disk; Fujitsu
40gb 2.5" Laptop disk 17 months old. Apparently, Fujitsu have a 3 year manufacterers warrenty but not sure it is worht the hassle as they are around £55. Once I have finished attempting to recover what I can I will format and see what damage there appears to be.

  mosfet 11:48 10 Nov 2004

I dont think anyone could help on that one.
Thanks for feedback.

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