WMV/MPG/AVI files showing in 16-bit colour

  Aphor 10:27 05 Sep 2005

Hi all,

I've a wierd problem, and I'm not sure how to fix this on my own so I need your help.

When I try and view WMV/MPG/AVI files, they all appear in 16-bit colour, whereas QuickTime .mov files work and view fine, as do DVD's.

Games are working perfect also, so I am guessing it is a driver problem of some sort.

Do any of you guys know how I could resolve this, or at least where I should start?


  Diodorus Siculus 12:56 05 Sep 2005

Codec problem perhaps? Free-Codecs.com :: Download Codec Pack All in 1 : Codec Pack All in 1 is a collection of codecs for playing DivX movies
click here

  Aphor 13:19 05 Sep 2005

I've installed all the codecs from that file and it is still not working correctly... :(

  evo_faction 19:09 05 Sep 2005


  ACOLYTE 19:24 05 Sep 2005

Whats you grafix card? if its nvidea try right clicking the desktop selecting properties then settings/advanced then click the Graffix card tab
then go down to color correction and where it says apply color changes to in the top drop down box change this to all,might help.

  evo_faction 20:22 05 Sep 2005

Thank you Acolyte, you've solved the problem.

Hats of to you!

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