WMP/song file problems.

  al7478 12:50 22 Jan 2007

Recently i decided i would enter the 21st century and make playlists in WMP11, instead of just playin straight from the folders in My Music, as I thought it'd save time. After a couple days, for some reaon various songs (quite a few) were not recognised when i tried to play them from the My Playlists folder (something to do with the file location, i think it said). So i ditched My Playlists and just made folders with the same songs as were in My Playlists and this worked ok. But I'd rather use playlists if i can get it to work...?

Another thing I wanted to do was change all my files to WAV, from mp3 and WMA (I know these are bigger but I only play music on my PC and I've plenty of space for it). After I changed everything, the songs would'nt organize into artist and into sections in my My Music folders, nor did they go into the relevant artist headings in WMP11 Library, I just ended up with a big list of songs in no particular order.

Finally (I think), is I would like to find a way to stop WMP11 simply adding whatever songs it finds, as I have some songs twice in different file locations, but when I go into Library, then Songs, I'd like each song to only appear once under the relevant artists name. Theres no need for a song to appear more than once, as I just want to look in the Library to see what songs I have, but I can cheque specific compilations (which I put on CDs for my car), by just looking in My Music where I save them after I've made 'em.

One suggestion I've had is to burn my music to a dvd and rip it again in wma in order to sort the folder display and library probs...? But this still leaves the problem of what the heck happenned with my plylists not being recognised, and im not sure theres any guarantee of success.

Many thanks in advance, I know theres rather a lot to take in!

  wilkiewonder 13:14 22 Jan 2007

something to try .. dont know if it makes a difference though.. in media player look in more options under the file types tab and select "all file types" if they are not all checked.. might solve part of your poblem

  al7478 13:36 22 Jan 2007

for that, they are all checked. I have a feeling I've worked out the prob with the playlists. I put some of them into another folder, so it wasnt recognising the location. I think.

Also, I've gone back to using wma opposed to wave as im told that as the filese are comptressed anyway id see no sound improvement with wave files. which seems to be true after listening to many of them. so that has sorted out the problem of songs not showin up correctly in their folders.

Ive also re populated the library. lots of songs have gone under unknown artist, but i think thats just a matter of apending the time on editing them.

Ill then make playlists all over again and keep them in the righ place!

Phew! sorry for the long reply but i wanted to say all that just in case anyone has any more thoughts.

Many thanks!

  Batch 13:39 22 Jan 2007

To stop tracks getting added to WMP:

1. In Tools, Options on the Player tab, unccheck Add Music Files To Library When Played.

2. In Tools, Options on the Library tab, click on the Monitor Folders button and clear out any paths that you don't want automatically monitored.

The above refer to WMP10, but I guess WMP11 is pretty much the same.

  Batch 13:54 22 Jan 2007

Other points:

You should be able to refresh the library in it's entirety by deleting WMP's database (or preferably just renaming it), typically at C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player (make sure WMP is closed when you do this) and then hitting F3 in WMP to rebuild the database.

HOWEVER, if your files are .WAV's they won't hold the track details and so anything that you've manually added to WMP would be lost. Whereas .WMAs and .MP3s contain the track info.

You could try renaming the existing database, rebuilding. Then if it's no good you can always revert to the old database. Whilst doing such things with the datbase, it is best not to be otherwise adding or removing tracks to WMP otherwise your files and the database can get out of sync.

BTW, .WAVs are enormous compared with .WMAs and MP3s.

  al7478 13:57 22 Jan 2007

but i dont seem to be able to remove my music, i think that stays there by default?

And if i did remove it, how would i add songs to the library as and when i get new ones, which doesnt happen much and whenever i get some new ones i like we're just talking single figures, if you see what i mean.

And will it still be ble to play files from un monitored paths?

Many thanks!

  al7478 14:54 22 Jan 2007

again batch. I tried renaming the database a few days ago but nothing seemed to happen, and it took me ages to find, so i obviously did something wrong lol!
Im working entirely with mp3 and wma now, but i still have to edit lots of them since i repopulated the library for some reaon. Thats ok, its just time consuming.

i dont seem to be able to remove My Music from the folders it monitors, i think that stays there by default?

And if i did remove it, how would i add songs to the library as and when i get new ones, which doesnt happen much and whenever i get some new ones i like we're just talking single figures, if you see what i mean.

And will it still be ble to play files from non-monitored paths?

Many thanks!

  Batch 15:23 22 Jan 2007

You can add new tracks by leaving "Add Music Files To Library When Played" checked or by using WMP's search facility (F3).

Yes - you can play files from unmonitored paths - just click on the music files (.WMA, .MP3 etc) to play.

WRT removing My Music from the Monitored folders. I don't have any monitored folders at all. But then I don't have a My Music folder. I keep all my tracks elsewhere - not under Documents. I back-up documents daily and don't want umpteen Gigabytes of music backed up every day. I deleted the My Music folder ages ago - so maybe that's why I was able to remove it from the Monitored Folders.

If you just rename the database, WMP should create a new empty one by default. But if you are Monitoring Folders, it will automatically repopulate from them!

  al7478 17:11 22 Jan 2007

Well thats all useful stuff maybe I'll do that to stop it monitoring my music folder, but if anyone has anything else to offer please do!

By the by, is there another way to do that search other than F3?


  al7478 17:16 22 Jan 2007

I just tried the F3 thing and it opened the dialogue box for monitoring files again. Is that right? And if there was a new song in my music i wanted to add, would it add that plus the rest that it has already added, as i think that has happenned before, leaving me with lots of duplicates in the library...?

Tho if i do as you have and create a sparate place for my music, then i appreciate that wouldnt happen. Not sure where to put my music tho.

Thanks again.

  Batch 17:28 22 Jan 2007

Must be a difference between WMP10 and WMP 11.

In WMP10 F3 does a one off search in a path that you specify. This function is also directly listed under the Tools menu.

Whereas "Monitoring" means that it actively monitors the paths that you have specified on an ongoing basis.

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