WMP11 Graphic Equalizer...?

  al7478 14:36 15 Sep 2007

Sorry, I'm always banging on about music stuff!

Ill get straight to the point - does anyone know if i can get wmp11 to use certain sound settings automatically for certain kinds of music.

For example, can i tell it to use the acoustic setting for each time it plays elliott smith, and my own cuatom setting for most my other music, and if so how? And will i have to set it to recognise the sound i want should i ever add more similar music by the same artist (i expect the answer to this is yes).

  al7478 12:16 16 Sep 2007


and has anyone used audio enhancement software such as this click here or this click here ...?

  martjc 12:23 16 Sep 2007

...I think you can only store one setting of the equalizer. Any changes must be set manually, per session.

  al7478 12:43 16 Sep 2007

Thanks martjc.

  Stuartli 17:47 16 Sep 2007

Windows Media Player has SRS WOW Effects already available (View>Enhancements), although I'm not sure if it's exactly the same.

  Stuartli 17:49 16 Sep 2007

The Sound Effects Manager for my Realtek onboard sound includes a wide choice of sound effects/equaliser etc

However, I prefer to leave the tone controls flat to avoid unnecessary tonal changes.

  al7478 18:12 16 Sep 2007

Thanks Stuartli. Yes, i use the srs wow effects in wmp11. I think the software i mentioned above has that and more. It has some very good reviews on cnet, but so does the other one i mentioned.

im considering a sound card in my next pc, but im hoping thats some time off yet.

not sure how to get into my onboard sound settings, or what the spec is, but ive had a good play with wmp's equalizer, i just dont know if i can set it in the way ive proposed above, but it seems probably not, unless anyone knows different.

  al7478 16:35 19 Sep 2007

Just wanted to check if anyone has used these, especially the sRs one?

If anyone has any suggestions/experience/opinions on my original WMP11 graphic equalizer question, thatd be great too.

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