realist 13:36 22 Dec 2006

I dislike wmp11 because:

1. It randomly displays incorrect album art, nearly every other cover is shown as Siren:Roxy Music! There doesn't seem to be an easy way round this.

2. No track timings are displayed in the list pane.

If I delete in add/remove does it automatically revert to wmp10?


  kev-a 13:47 22 Dec 2006

I don't like Album art full stop as i haven't found a program that profeses to be able to find me some then gets it wrong.
Even Sony's Sonic stage is useless at this task..

I found WMP 11 not to my liking but things move on and i think uninstalling said program will only delay the inevitable. :(

  .:?:. 17:53 22 Dec 2006

wmp 11, for me works well except for a few niggles.

If you want to remove it, follow Microsoft's method;

click here

  birdface 18:49 22 Dec 2006

WMP, Just a waste of time , you get that many problems with it,And if you dont have a proper decoder you cannot watch DVDs, Try this click here Plays any type of DVD and its free.

  realist 18:54 22 Dec 2006

Thanks, but we really mainly use wmp as a music jukebox as you can simply right-click the music folder and play it all however you like.
Don't generally play dvd's.

  Ptolemy 19:04 22 Dec 2006

I tried wmp11 - hated it for the reasons given above and uninstalled (add/remove prgrams reverts to wmp10) then thought about it and gave it another go.

For the art stuff Cut-and-paste the jpg for to the slot in wmp11. It's a pian to start with, but if you keep it up to date it's OK.

  realist 20:07 22 Dec 2006

Yes, it's a pity you can't turn-off the Album Art option (greyed-out) I don't really want it anyway.

  Ptolemy 20:33 22 Dec 2006

I Library go to "View Options" (left of the serach panel) and select "Details". It turns off the album art.

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