WMP 11...Time?

  Ronyap 17:35 19 Dec 2006


I have recently upgraded my WMP 10 to 11. The skin and everything is fantastic, but when I started playing my video I realised there was something missing.

On WMP 10 'Playing' Tab, it shows you the total length of the video being played in the bottom-right bar at the bottom (where the play button is). But on this one, it doesnt show anything!

How am I meant to know how long my video files are?!

Thanks ^^

  anskyber 17:46 19 Dec 2006

It's on the bottom left for me.

  Ronyap 18:04 19 Dec 2006

No...You're thinking of the current time. I want the TOTAL Time.

  GEEKSTA 18:10 19 Dec 2006

do you mean a a bar(strip) that a cartain part of it lights up and moves as you go though the song/video?
If so, it is there but the bar is very thin , its at the botton, you just seen it.

  anskyber 18:45 19 Dec 2006

OK. Perhaps you should have been clearer. Follow this
To view "Total Time" for the video in your library in Windows Media Player 11, you must select them so you can view this information for the selected items in the Player. The number of selected items and the total time that is required to play them is displayed to the right of the playback controls at the bottom of the Player. Note that it is not possible to display the total size of selected items in the Player.

To display the number of selected items in your library

In Windows Media Player 11, click the Library tab.

On the address bar, click the Select a category button, and then click the category that you want to look in (in this case, video).

In the Navigation pane, under Library, click video.

In the Details pane, click the video in the list, and then press the keyboard shortcut combination CTRL+A.

I have tried it and it works for me.

  realist 19:28 19 Dec 2006

I've noticed too that wmp11 doesn't show e.g. mp3 track timings, nor a total for tracks in the "now playing list", yet these were readily available in wmp10.

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