WMP 11 won't upgrade component in Vista

  San Alwigi 09:41 15 Nov 2008

I have a brand new Desktop PC running Vista Home Premium and Windows Media Player 11. But now I can't watch streaming video from a website that I am a paid subscriber to (a football club site that shows the normal press conferences etc). I can watch it quite successfully on my other tweo PCs (both running XP and WMP 10).

When I try to play the video on my new PC it tells me: "The file or device that you are trying to use requires a component of Windows Media Player to be upgraded" When I click on the "Upgrade" button, it eventually tells me that the upgrade was unsuccessful.

Now, I've seen this problem mentioned elsewhere on the web but no-one seems to have the definitive answer. It's clearly a DMR issue, but what? My version of WMP 11 is fully updated / upgraded.

Should I / can I uninstall WMP 11 and roll back to WMP 10 in Vista? I can't seem to find a WMP 10 download for Vista anywhere.

If the PC Advisor forum crack this one, I'll be amazed frankly - but any help gratefully received! Thank you for reading.

  Fingees 15:05 15 Nov 2008

Try this, it's from an old file I had.

Set back the program association of MMS protocol to WMP 11. To do so in Windows Vista, go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs, and then click on Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program link. In “Set Associations” window, locate and highlight MMS (URL:MMS Protocol), then click on Change program button to select Windows Media Player from the list of programs available.

  peter99co 16:19 15 Nov 2008

Windows Media Player cannot be uninstalled.

  San Alwigi 08:14 16 Nov 2008

...but I an't actually locate anything called MMS in that Set Associations folder. Could this be art of the problem to begin with? Thanks again...

  Fingees 09:43 16 Nov 2008

It's toward the end of the long list,after the things beginning with Z.

It will be in capital letters, and read

URL:MMS Protocol.

You should find it

Your other option is to contact your football site by phone if necessary and inform them to upgrade their wmp or install the plugin for Vista It is a similar problem to office 2007 transferring files to an older syatem eg office 2003 whoever has office 2003 has to install the plugin for Vista or they cannot read office 2007 files

  San Alwigi 15:14 16 Nov 2008

(I was looking for something just called MMS)...

Bad news is that it's already associated with WMP so that's not the problem afterall. Any further thoughts?

  Fingees 16:49 16 Nov 2008

You could try associating it with something else for a short while, reboot,then re associate with WMP.

IT may work, as it may not be associated at the moment although it says so.

Just a thought.

  San Alwigi 18:55 16 Nov 2008

..but I'm afarid the only program I have the option of associating with that protocol is WMP. Back to the drawing board....?

  Fingees 19:07 16 Nov 2008

I meant associate wmp with some other protocol, even though it might not work. It's just a matter of removing the MMS,for a short time, then replacing it.

  San Alwigi 08:28 22 Nov 2008

...been a mad week.

Also - I have discovered that the streaming video plays 100% fine if I use any other user account on my PC! So - have been loogging on as my daughter to watch this week.

But this means it must be something to do with my individual account settings as opposed to my PC as a whole, no?

B*ggered if I know what though! Thoughts?

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