WMP 10 - plays OK first time then very slowly

  as400man 12:45 20 Sep 2005

When I play a Microsoft HD clip, the first time it works perfectly. When I try to play another clip, it slows to a crawl. When I put the PC into standby and then re-start, the clip plays perfectly. During the first play about 50% CPU is being used but for the second play it hits 100%. It seems as if some resources have not been released from the fisrt play so it struggles subsequently. Any ideas?

  PC Bilbo 13:21 20 Sep 2005

I have seen this sympton when using WMP with visualisations on my spare computer( you don't actually say this was on but i wondered).Also, how much memory are you using and do you have a separate graphics card or on- board graphics?

If you have on-board graphics say sharing 256MB total memory, and visualisations switched on, after a while it will come to almost a standstill as this is vey memory intensive.I found adding more memory cured things.

  as400man 18:55 20 Sep 2005

I have 768 Mb DDR ram and a modern 64K graphics card in my nearly new laptop. I do not understand why it works perfectly first time, fails the next time and then I have to go into standby and re-start and everything is OK again.
It's as if it is filling a buffer and not emptying it. I have 1152Mb of paged memory so I doubt it's that. Thanks for taking an interest.

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