WMP 10

  tonyq 22:03 01 Jun 2006

when I try to play music using Windows Media Player 10(new laptop)certain tracks will not play,I get the error come up "wmp needs to be re-installed"all the tracks that don't play seem to be in the "shared folder",the tracks in "my music"(only 2 they came pre installed)play ok.
I have looked in add/remove to try uninstall wmp 10(showing upates)but there is nothing there.

Win XPpro/Win Media Centre

  skidzy 22:06 01 Jun 2006

Have you tried ccleaner it has an uninstaller click here

Look under tools to see if it is listed.

  skidzy 22:16 01 Jun 2006

After a little looking around you could try WMP11 beta.

Remember its in beta and may have a few bugs.
Alternatively try a reinstall over the top of WMP10 again click here

  ade.h 22:21 01 Jun 2006

WMP, like other integrated components, is found in the Add/Remove Windows Components section of the Program Access and Defaults screen.

BUT... As with the other Windows components, removing it from this list simply removes access to the program and removes all reference to it in menus. It *does not* actually uninstall it; therefore, if you try to re-install one of WMP from a download, it will not over-write the existing files, but just append to them. So whatever problem you have will still be there.

In your case, as WMP version 10 has become a standard part of your OS (because you bought it recently), so it has no entry in Add/Remove Programs. It only has that if it has been added by the user as an update or download.

  skidzy 22:32 01 Jun 2006

Hi ade

Ive noticed you say wmp will only appear in Add and Remove if you have updated or downloaded it.

Ive downloaded WMp 10 beta a couple of weeks ago and that does not show in Add and Remove,just a bit curious to how this works if it does not install over the top of a previous version.
I always thought it would install over the top,guess im learning all the time.

  ade.h 22:37 01 Jun 2006

Unfortunately, as the way with these things, it doesn't always show up when it should. It's on my desktop as an update - but doesn't show at all - and it's on my laptop as an update and shows up as it should. Either way, you need to have Show Updates ticked, but it's no guarantee.

It's also possible to lose it if you have tidied up the update entries and then forgotten about it.

  ade.h 22:38 01 Jun 2006

Oh, and it *will* overwrite if the existing installation is an earlier version, as you describe, but it won't overwrite if you just try to replace like with like. The much quicker install time is a tell-tale sign.

  skidzy 22:44 01 Jun 2006

Now ive learnt something Ade,just ticked show updates and found out WMP has been updated to Version 11.
This must have happened with the auto MS updates.

Told you....Learning all the time....Lol :-)


Looks like if you follow Ade's advice and tick show updates ...you will be given the option to change or remove....i do believe you can possibly roll back to a previous version if required.

  tonyq 22:45 01 Jun 2006

Hi All,
ade.h your spot on,I tried downloading and installing wmp10 on top of the installed version,it said that I already had a newer version installed,my troubles started a few days ago but I was able to cure it with system restore,but not this time,I wonder if it as anything to do with "Windows Update" which I have done after each system restore.

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