WMA sound quality on MP3 players

  neilarmstrong 13:10 22 Jan 2005

Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality between 128 and 64kbps WMA files? I have listened to the sample files on the Microsoft website and they sound similar (although 32 and 20kbps sound pants).

I have already saved some of my own CDs to my hard drive at 128kbps and transferred them to my Rio Nitrus 1.5GB and my son's Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 players.

I have run out of room on the Rio Nitrus!

  neilarmstrong 13:14 22 Jan 2005

Can I change the quality (i.e. reduce to 64kbps)of the files that I have already ripped, or do I have to go through the ripping process again?

  dogbreath1 13:26 22 Jan 2005

I can definitely perceive the difference between 64 kbps and 128 kbps. Even via Sennheiser phones from an mp3 player and even more so when playing same files from a cd on my hifi system. I think the only way to reduce from 128 to 64 kbps is by reripping but maybe someone else is aware of a more efficient method.

  ICF 13:51 22 Jan 2005

No you can recode to a lower bitrate but not to a higher bitrate.You can't make something from nothing

  Eargasm 15:42 22 Jan 2005

This program click here will let you convert files from 128kbps to 64 kbps easily without re-ripping.

  Eargasm 15:45 22 Jan 2005

Sorry,i should of said dbpoweramp is the program you need (freeware)

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