WMA to mp3 conversion problems

  TonyTT 09:24 12 Jan 2007


Just thought I had this one licked....but obviously not.

I ripped my cd's with WMP to WMA. My mp3 player is not compatible with WMA so I want to convert these files to mp3 format. However every time I drag and drop one of these WMA files into conversion software (and I have tried plenty of different ones), I get a warning saying that I either have license or directx problems or whatever. I have WMP 10, and can't upgrade to 11 because I had to do a system restore last time I tried it.

Why is this proving so bloody difficult?????????

Any help appreciated as always.

  recap 10:35 12 Jan 2007

Which program are you using to do the ripping/conversion? This may help others to assist you further.

  crazyhorse678 00:09 15 Jan 2007

i have successful converted wma to mp3 using Sound Forge.

  Lee-262377 10:15 15 Jan 2007

Have you tried deleting the files and ripping the cd direct to mp3 from the start again?
It sounds like there's some sort of a compatability problem between the formats.
I use nero6 and that happily converts into nero digital audio, wma, mp3, mp4 and a variety of others.
However, if you then try and re-convert them you sometimes get the message that you cannot transcode the files (which I seem to recall was from WMA format!!)
I think nero is only about £25quid to buy, well worth it if you are having problems with your existing software!!

  TonyTT 11:51 15 Jan 2007

It is wierd. I have tried it with Nero but same result. Is it likely to be some sort of protection that is on my CD's that is stopping the conversion? Or maybe my WMP?

  TonyTT 12:09 15 Jan 2007

Just tried with Nero again. Got the same message about microsoft not having the licence to transcode from WMA. How do I get them? Is this a normal message?


  Minkey1 15:39 15 Jan 2007

I work in downloadable audiobooks and our advice to customers is to always run the license acquisition process in WMP to get the title playing normally, before attempting to copy the title to CD or a portable device.

This is with downloaded WMA files though. Do CD's use similar licensing technology ? I seem to remember a few trying with it but normally aren't they in cdaudio format ?

Could you not rip the original CD to mp3 using your mp3 software, and thence to the device ?

Alternatively, Audacity click here will convert most formats to most formats.

  Minkey1 15:40 15 Jan 2007

Sorry Tony

"mp3 software" = player software

  SLAYER 19:52 15 Jan 2007

I use this one. basic, but does what it says on the tin.

  skidzy 20:18 15 Jan 2007

And another convertor click here

  jack 20:27 15 Jan 2007

Take a look at NCH swift suite
click here
See what that can do
The links leads to a converter but must there is much more to it than that. Its worth a trawl through
I use Wave pad ans record pad all the time

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