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  B Brush 14:53 29 Jul 2006


I need some advice on which is the best FREE fully functional WMA to MP3 converter.

I have a Sony MP3 player which when using the software provided will transfer the files to my player but when transferring CDs the songs are out of order. Call me old fashioned but I would like to listen to the album in its original state.

If you can give me some advice on which is the best converter or how to overcome this problem with Sonic Stage I would be most grateful.


  B Brush 16:43 29 Jul 2006


  Kate B 19:15 29 Jul 2006

To be honest, you'd be better re-ripping the songs: translating one lossy music format to another lossy music format is going to produce a very dodgy sounding file. But I'm sure someone will be able to suggest some software.

  SLAYER 19:27 29 Jul 2006

google what you want. its there.

  sean-278262 20:11 29 Jul 2006

Rerip the tracks as ever transcode (changing from one file type to another) causes information to be lost. This reduces quality. If you really have to do it try dbpoweramp google it as others have said.

Slayer the least you should do is suggest what to look for. Otherwise your posting is just useless to all as it annoys the poster by giving them nothing and makes other people who are going to help end up cleaning the mess if the poster gets overly annoyed.

  ArrGee 20:32 29 Jul 2006

Yeh, go on, just google it!!!

You have a Sony MP3 player, but you don't rip MP3 onto it. SonicStage will convert MP3 to A-Track (Sony's supposed version of MP3). There is a consideration to be taken into account here. If you have an album where two (or more) tracks on the original CD mould into one (without any breaks), then you need to convert the original tracks into one MP3, then convert to A-Track.

I tend to rip a cd into Windows Media Player, converting them to MP3, then using SonicStage, drag them over and (within SonicStage) drag them into the right order.

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