WLAN light on wireless router orange

  sleemanm 21:53 06 Oct 2006

I recently purchased a Thomson SpeedTouch 576 Wireless router. I know very little about computers but wish to create a wireless network between my main computer and my laptop. My son also wishes to use the network to access the internet on his PSP.

The problem is that whenever the laptop tries to gain access to the internet, a message appears saying that the IP address is not available. This also happens when my son tries to access the internet on his PSP.

Also, the main computer can only access the internet when the ethernet cable is plugged into the computer. I have some idea that the problem is something to do with the fact that the WLAN light on the router itself is orange. How do I fix this. HELP!!!

  ade.h 22:02 06 Oct 2006

So you are connected and there is an internet connection (please check both of these facts carefully if possible) but you can't get websites to load?

Sounds like a possible DNS resolution problem, and in the router rather than client-side, since the PSP is affected as well. I don't use Speedtouch routers though, so I'll probably just have to leave you with a link to the manual: click here and scroll down. Your simplest resolution may be a factory reset and fresh configuration, which would not take long.

  sleemanm 17:04 07 Oct 2006

It is possible to load websites and any other features on the actual internet explorer on my main computer. The internet on this works normally but the ethernet cable must be plugged in for it to do so.

It is impossible to view web pages with either the PSP or the laptop.

I have tried to reset the wireless router but nothing happens when the reset button is pressed.

  ade.h 17:09 07 Oct 2006

Yes, that is all clear from your OP; but what about your connection status (see above)?

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