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  BlackSapphire 14:30 15 Jul 2006

Hi Guys,

Can anyone remind me how to remove the authors name from word when it opens. I did manage to remove my other half's name from a previous version but this version (xp) is frustrating my every turn. I just want to have my name on my documents (not another person's name as well), can anyone point me in the right direction as it's slowly driving me nuts. Thanks so much.

  iscanut 14:40 15 Jul 2006

Have you tried Tools, Options, User Information and then delete/amend the name shown there, if any ?

  iscanut 14:46 15 Jul 2006

PS..Also with the offending file open, click on File, the Properties..this will also have names etc which you should be able to amend..

  BlackSapphire 14:46 15 Jul 2006

No, there is nothing in this part which lets me change it. I know it wasn't this difficult on windows 95. See why it's driving me well, nuts LOL

  BlackSapphire 14:47 15 Jul 2006

It's not just each file, I need to do it at source so that each document opens with just my name. Logically thinking, it should be in the tsrt up part or windows settings but it isn't.

  Joe R 14:49 15 Jul 2006
  BlackSapphire 14:52 15 Jul 2006

Thanks for the link but it pretty much tells me what I already knew, I can remove the names from each document as I go along but I want to do it at source (ie at the program level, not document level) to remove it altogether. I just can't remember the steps. XP is so frustrating, it makes things so much harder than 95 ever did.

  iscanut 14:55 15 Jul 2006

I wonder if the info is in the normal.dot template which Word uses each time it is fired up. Try deleting the normal.dot file in your Word directory and then close Word. Firing up word again will create a new global template, but any other formatting etc that you may have had in the original template will be lost I think. I am no expert but this may be worth atry !

  Joe R 15:03 15 Jul 2006
  BlackSapphire 15:08 15 Jul 2006

Will try the normal.dot template idea Nuts, thank you. Joe R - this is fine but it is not what I'm after, ie: Note: The command to remove personal information is not "sticky." It must be enabled for each document you want information stripped from.

This would drive me even more (ahem) nuts.

  BlackSapphire 15:12 15 Jul 2006

Hi Nuts,

This soeesn't work either. Under tools I do get options but there is nowhere to get at the author info - grrr.

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