amosoreilly 16:55 06 Mar 2010

i have vista premium and keep getting the following error on startup, wisSYNled has stopped working. I cannot seem to find a solution to this problem and have no idea what it is, please help.

  lotvic 20:10 06 Mar 2010

If you have a medion laptop with Vista then this might be relevant. Seems to be a driver or something for Launch Pad or other.

(google translated from german) click here
"Error: WisSynLED.exe no longer works ...

Tagchen auch. Tagchen too.
Jetzt redet mal das Genie^^ Now even talk of genius ^ ^

Ich habe die Programmbibliothek "SynCOM.dll" unter "click here" heruntergeladen und in den Ordner "C:\Program Files\Launch Manager" gepackt. I downloaded the program library "SynCOM.dll" under "click here" and in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Launch Manager "packed.

Danach habe ich in dem selben Ordner die Anwendung "WisSynLED.exe" gestartet und ab da hat es geklappt! After that I started in the same folder the application "WisSynLED.exe" and from then on it worked! "

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