wirless network cuts out after a few minutes

  kilamunkyz 09:38 30 Jan 2007

Hi I'm having some trouble with my Wireless router and wondered if anybody had any idea what could be wrong with it or how we could sort it out.

I turned on my laptop to find the internet not working. I went into the settings of the router and re-entered the IP settings and it appeared to work.
But now I try to connect to the internet, and connects for a brief amount of
time (a few minutes) then says the network is unavailable.

The internet seems to work fine on my Apple Mac G5, so I was thinking it is
something to do with the set up on my laptop. I have a second laptop and it does the same thing.

Sorry I have been a bit vague with the details, but I'd appreciate any advice?

  mgmcc 11:49 30 Jan 2007

If two laptops are having the same problem, it must be related to the wireless signal. Try setting the Channel number in the router's wireless settings to a different value. Also ensure there are no cordless/mobile phones located close to either the router or the Wireless Network Adapters (laptops).

Presumably the Apple Mac is using a "wired" ethernet connection?

  kilamunkyz 18:06 30 Jan 2007

No the Mac is wireless as well, but I will try changing the channel number

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