Wirless cuts out and limited access problem

  pjh191 11:38 14 Aug 2009

Before i start i must admit im no genius when it comes to networking so im very sorry if i ask u to put anything into dummy language!
I got my computer about a year ago and it is a top spec gaming computer, i have a bt-voyager router which i connect to using a netgear wn111 network adapter.
Whenever i connect to the internet it is fine and connects with a high signal but after about an hour it cuts out and either disconnects completely or gives a limited access response
this problem has been occurring for quite some time and im considering to just try another brand of network adapter since i have seen many people have issues with netgear
please if anyone can sort this problem for me i will be very very grateful
thanks in advance

  Ashrich 23:37 14 Aug 2009

Feel the Netgear adapter when this happens , I bet it's really hot , one of the problems with Netgear USB adapters , they overheat .


  WolframBlitzen 04:06 16 Aug 2009

I agree with ashrich, Depending on how well ventelated it is and how cool the room happens to be, the USB adapters do tend to overheat. This is true of most USB adapters not just netgear ones.

If you suspect the adapter, the best thing to do is replace it with an internal one inside the pc (most computer shops will install it for you for a small fee) if thatstill doesn;t solve the problem it's most likely the router but there's a number of things you can do

1. Turn it off and on again. You'll be surprised how often that fixes a router

2. Reset the router. There should be a little reset button on the back. It will mean you need to put all your settings back in though

3. Re-install the routers firmware. You'll need to look at your instructions for how to do this but it re-flashes the router to its factory state. if you install an updated firmware, that may have a fix for your particular problem. when you re-flash your firmware, ALLWAYS reset the router once the firmware has told you it has finished.

Any other problems then you can drop me an e-mail.


  pjh191 14:31 16 Aug 2009

thanks for the quick response guys
i think ur correct about it overheating but i think i also found another problem which was making it give limited access only

basically the netgear adapter came with software which can be used to connect to the wiresless networks, but it was clashing with the windows vista software, i changed my settings so to use windows as the default connectivity software and since then it has been working perfectly
(altho still cuts out after a long period of time as u both said its probably overheated)

thanks for the help again

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