last starfighter 22:37 08 Mar 2009

Can anyone advise me what this is all about & how its used.? ive been told to get familiar with it.? ive been told its used for Wireless networking but i havent got the foggyest.?
there is no forum & near on no help to show you how its used.?

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  brundle 22:38 08 Mar 2009

It's not only for wireless networking. It's a network monitor, you can capture traffic entering and leaving your PC, or just traffic passing-by as it were, if your network hardware is capable of it.

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  last starfighter 22:43 08 Mar 2009

brundle thankx, so when the template opens up what then..? i find it strange how there is no indication how too use it..?

  brundle 22:52 08 Mar 2009

What do you want to do with it?
Select an interface, the screen will fill with network traffic if everything is working as it should and you chose an active network interface, you need to know what you're looking for to narrow it down with filters.

  last starfighter 22:57 08 Mar 2009

well im changing from a modem too a Wireless USB & ive been told to use wireshark...so you might be able to see the problem ive been having...at mo im connected with my modem so would i have too dissconnect then try connecting with my USB..?

  brundle 23:05 08 Mar 2009

I don't see why you need Wireshark to do what you describe. You need a wireless router and a wireless adapter, that's all. click here

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