Wires Crossed With Crossfire!?

  We5ty 15:43 10 Jan 2007

Hi All,

Just bought the bits for a new system and, as it's the first Crossfire rig I've tinkered with, I have a few questions that I can't seem to get to the bottom of!

Hopefully, one or more of you guys/gals can assist?

First off, the spec?

ASUS P5W DH Deluxe (Crossfire) Mobo
Intel Core 2 DUO E6600
2GB Corsair Twin2X (eventually 4 or maybe even 8)
Dual 320GB SATAII HDD's (RAID 1)
ATI Radeon 512MB X1950 XT-X PCI-E (Master)
Windows Vista (64 Bit Hopefully - Provided SATA drivers are available!)
550W PSU

(X-Fire Slave to be added, when bank balance has recovered from melt-down)

The first question is, the X1950 has an additional 6 Pin power connector, is it absolutely necessary to connect this, even if it is the only card in the system i.e not a Crossfire config?

And not being in possesion of the PSU at this time, I'm unsure as to whether it has a corresponding 6 Pin connector - so in my wisdom I have purchased an adapter (standard molex to 6 Pin). However, the adpater has two female molex sockets leading to a single 6 Pin (as all did that I saw). Probably a really stupid question, but is it absolutely necessary to connect both scockets to the standard PSU molex connectors? (can't think what possible 'useful' purpose a female molex socket would serve!)

And finally, I have purchased the XT-X (Master) and looking at ATI's info, the Slave card needs to be an XT-CF, but this product code doesn't appear in the product description on the online stores I've been looking at - I guess I just have to make sure that it states 'Slave - Requires Master' when purchasing? (oh yeah, and is there usually a price differential between Master/Slave?)

Cheers all,


  archir123 18:19 10 Jan 2007

yes you MUST connect to both sockets , your card will underperform and cause you all sorts of problems if you dont.

you say your not in possetion of the psu yet , have you bought a new one?

you must be very carefull when buying a psu for a high'ish end system like that , first of all as your going crossfire you need at the very least 2 x 12volt rails with 18 amps minimum on each rail . if its a single 12 volt rail you'll need 30 amps minimum any less and your rig will suffer , it will underperform at the very best and at worst it'll crash all the time.

if its a crossfire certified one you'll have all the required connectors , if not it doesnt matter as lon as its a good psu.

550w is ok , its pushing it , but its ok

what make is it?

if you goto overclockes you'l see the Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 XT-X TOXIC Master Edition 512MB GDDR4 AVIVO Dual DVI (PCI-Express) - and the Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 XT-X TOXIC Slave Edition 512MB GDDR4 AVIVO Dual DVI (PCI-Express)

ive built a system for a friend with these and they are some serious kit :0) both the same price

  archir123 18:22 10 Jan 2007

oh and to add i have the 6600 core duo and it clocked to 3 gig , no major problems , its a lovely cpu :)

that rig will fly :0) im not an ATI man meself the drivers suck ;0) but neverless nice system ;)

  We5ty 18:29 10 Jan 2007

Cheers for the quick response.

Long story short, the rig is for ma boy & I bought him a case for Xmas, which he has at the mo, hence PSU in case with him.

Probably not a very good PSU - ones included with cases generally aren't.

I suppose I'll find out tomorrow when we put it together.

One thing is for sure, gonna test the PSU before plugging it in, wouldn't be the first time a new PSU has gone bang and taken out a mobo.

Anyway, thanks for the help, much obliged.


  archir123 18:37 10 Jan 2007

noooooooo mate , dont put that lovely rig on a generic psu , do me a favour look at the info sticker on the psu and copy it here , ther'll be a table with voltages and current ratings.

and thats one hell of a present you bought him ;0) my dad never bought me anything as good as that , now i feel i had a terrible childhood ;0) ;0)

  We5ty 21:32 10 Jan 2007

U clocked the 6600 from 2.4 to 3.0GHz, JEES! U got a liquid nitrogen cooling system!? ;-)

No, I'm inclined to agree as regards the PSU, just finding it hard to stomach another £80+ for a decent one. OH, well what are dad's 4 eh! But, I'll post the specs anyhow, just in case it might suffice for a bit.

Any recommendations on a PSU? The Hiper HPU-4B580 Type R 580W @£65.00 looks a fair bet, only just above the 550v min spec, but has great reviews on OcUK. Looks pretty smart too!

I must admit, I usually plump for nVidia cards on my systems, but looking at recent reviews, ATI defo seem to have the upper hand as far as FPS at the mo. But, I'm sure someone will set me right on that.



  citadel 22:21 10 Jan 2007

there are now dx10 cards, 8800gtx is king now.

  archir123 18:13 11 Jan 2007

i know , i have an 8800 GTX and as soon as the drivers catch up im sure it'll be a beast.

May i ask why you told us that?

  citadel 18:19 11 Jan 2007

read post above mine.

  archir123 20:05 11 Jan 2007

oh yeah sorry citadel , that post wasnt there when i visited maybe a refresh thing.

anyway chris , ive just fitted one of these in a system i built for a mate click here

now i know its thick end of a hundred quid mate lol but its a nice piece of kit , your psu is essentially the heart of yor system and you aint scrimped on components so tis worth the outlay , honest ;0)

no mate not liquid its all on air but its a custom heat sink (not made by me i might add i have a very clever friend) and a 120mm panasonic panaflow fan , its as noisy as hell but i cant hear a thing wi me headphones on ;0)

  We5ty 23:06 11 Jan 2007


Well, bit of a let down today. Ma boy had too much homework tonight to make it so we've postponed the build til the weekend. Poor sod, I bet he's gutted. But school must come first.

Unfortunately, this means I haven't got the spec of the PSU yet, but as soon as I have I'll post it here for you to give it the once over.

Although, I'll prob order a 'REAL' one tomorrow anyhow.

Cheers all the best & appreciate the assistance.


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