Wirelwess connection not connecting

  pj1664 14:00 06 Sep 2005

Hi everyone, I have win xp home edition and I recently install a wireless router connection but my internet on my laptop recognises the router and acknowledges the signal but it's not connecting to the internet. Any ideas anyone? My main pc is connected via ethernet cable to the router and going on the net is no problem, it's only my laptop thats not connecting. Appreciate any feedback that you can give me. Thanks.

  EIGERWAND 14:07 06 Sep 2005

sorry to not be able to offer any help - but I have a similar problem.

my laptop will connect but then drops the connection after 10 minutes - it comes back again a couple of minutes later. I have looked at various settings on main computer and laptop but can't find anything.

any suggestions please?

  flavas 15:01 06 Sep 2005

try repairing the wireless connection. right click on the wireless connection and select repair.
Restart the laptop and see if there are any changes.

  scotty 15:36 06 Sep 2005

May be a Firewall problem. Try disabling Firewall temporarily to see if internet is accessible.

  pj1664 13:23 07 Sep 2005

Sorry, I have tried disabling the firewall and still no luck. Anyone has any more suggestions?

  woodchip 13:51 07 Sep 2005

Try this, in this order Turn off Router and the Computer that is connected by Ethernet wire also "do not have" your Laptop switched on. Switch Router on and allow all lights to come on, so they are all green. After it's full on Turn Desktop on, then try the Laptop

  woodchip 13:53 07 Sep 2005

PS Turn the Router of only with the Router off switch, if you just pull the plug while router is switched on, they seem to lose settings

  pj1664 09:18 08 Sep 2005

Thank you I will try that.

  pj1664 11:39 08 Sep 2005

Tried woodchips response but no luck appreciate more input on this topic. Thank you.

  woodchip 11:51 08 Sep 2005

Try connecting with Encryption Disabled

  woodchip 11:54 08 Sep 2005

Other than what Tolde you above, there is only SSID and Encryption that should stop you connecting, you also have the connect password same as router

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