Wireless/wired problem for ps3.

  strategiest 04:51 06 Jul 2007

I've a Belkin Pre-N.It works well but it can't reach the basement.I've a PS3 in the basement and I'm using wireless.The problem is the signal is very weak and the PS3's wireless system isn't really the best.I've the Linksys travel router.When I used it to take the signal of the Belkin Pre-N and convert it to a wire signal the PS3's internet worked well.

Problem is.The Linksys travel router can't convert from wireless to wire unless the network it's taking the wireless from is not using any password...

I think what made the linksys worked well with the PS3 is the fact it creates a new network from the wireless signal so when I wired the connection to the PS3.It had a very good signal.

Another problem with the linksys is the fact it's not made to be turned on 24/7.Is there any good devices that can work well in this situation?

Can I use a repeater in the basement and put a router then plug a wire from the router into the PS3 to make it wired?

If so which type of a router would work well with the Belkin Pre-N?

I've tried searching the internet but I couldn't find any good repeaters.And also a note.I don't have a wired connection in the basement.Can a repeater work without a wired connection?
Can it repeat a signal of a wireless network into a wired connection that I'd then plug into the PS3?

  ambra4 19:14 07 Jul 2007

The Belkin Pre-N is a 108Mbps system if you want the same transfer speed; buy the same Belkin Pre-N wireless router any other type will only give you a transfer speed of 54Mbps

Plugged a patch cable into LAN connections of each router
Disabled DHCP server on the secondary router also the WAN port if there is an option (if not do not worry as you do not use it)
Changed the IP address of the secondary router to
Subnet mask on the second router must also be the same as first router

You can now connect to either router and be able to access the Internet without problems.
The only condition for the networked equipment is that they all need to be connected to the same gateway router.

Hope this helps.

  strategiest 00:23 08 Jul 2007

Thanks but the problem is I can't get a LAN connection into both routers.I can only do it in one.Can an access point repeat a wireless signal?

  ambra4 08:27 08 Jul 2007

Yes, with this method you just plug in the PS2 and it should have access to the internet

See if you can borrow a wireless router and try it out before buying

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