wirelessly networking AOL-URGENT!!!

  Viv-208691 14:24 07 Mar 2004

Does anyone know if it is possible to network AOL (8.0 in my case) by using a wireless router which IS NOT the Thomson Speedtouch that AOL suggest?? This router seems overpriced to me, so I was considering buying a Linksys/Netgear one but need to know if it will work!!

Please reply, I need to share my broadband connection urgently!


  bremner 14:45 07 Mar 2004

click here and have a look at a posting by "The Sack" towards the end

  SEASHANTY 16:52 07 Mar 2004

This website lists ADSL modems and routers and specifically mentions that with AOL the only option is using USB
click here

  Viv-208691 18:49 08 Mar 2004

Thankyou Seashanty but surely the original AOL modem can simply be replaced with a modemrouter??

For some reason the link given by bremner didnt work, could someone please kindly sum up what the jist of the link was. Thankyou so so much

Kind regards

  bremner 20:05 08 Mar 2004

Just tried my link and its fine for me - try again.

  SEASHANTY 20:09 08 Mar 2004

Vsz. Sorry I can't help you with what might or not work with AOL. I used to have dialup with them but
changed over to standalone BB with NTL using a separate cable modem which I use with a Linksys router to allow to PC's to connect to the net. AOL
is far too restrictive for my liking with its proprietary software. Have NO problems whatsoever with NTL. The link that bremner gave you does work but I don't know what he was getting at. Another link from this link posted by Djohn on AOL is given again for you here click here

  Mango Grummit 20:13 08 Mar 2004

The only reason AOL now supports sharing using only the Thomson router with Windows XP recommended is due to their Help people having (allegedly) become genned up on that particular setup.

If you consider all the OS's available together with all the routers on the market you can understand their stance. They are after all just an ISP, not a networking tech help outfit.

I myself have three (WinME)puters all conected to AOL8 via a Thomson router but I know that many others have used other routers and many also use other than XP (or ME for that matter).

If you have a look round the net you can find many forums specialising in sharing AOL via a router. Lots of them are American sites/forums but the info is sound. I used them a while ago now.

Suggest you have a good look round and see what others are doing before spending any money.


  Viv-208691 20:19 08 Mar 2004

thanks for that, any particularly good information that you found? (link if poss please)

  fly2hi 20:26 08 Mar 2004

Have just installed SMC 7804 Wireless Barricade
on winxp-aol 8 Broadband 512k.
Took a while to sort out the settings and was a bit frustrating, but if I knew a bit more to start with I suppose it would have been a doddle.
Still having problems with online banking & digital certificates, but that's probably some setting I haven't sorted out.
Have yet to set up the other pc with SMC 2892 W wireless NIC. Need to get this connection working properly first.
It wasn't cheaper than the aol router but i'm assuming its a little better.

  The Sack 22:55 08 Mar 2004

I have added some more info in the thread bremner pointed out i hope it is of use to you.

  PUNKA 01:00 09 Mar 2004

Wanted to wirelessly network my laptop, went to AOL helpdesk they came back with Netgear ng3458g i think ?? (at work so cannot check)checked price tooo high eventually found one on e-bay £120.00 fitted it no probs good for me, might do for you. LOL :)p.s. backward compatible with B standard as well!!

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