Is wireless worth it or is it just a pain?

  Wendy 16:40 30 Sep 2007

I am fed up of having a wire running all through my house. The phone line comes in downstairs and my office is upstairs, not directly above the phone line. The walls are pretty solid - not plaster board.

It would be great not to have the wire everywhere, but I hear so many horror stores of dropped connections, and slower internet access etc., that I wonder if it would be worth it.

We already have a rather slow broadband here because of the ancient rural exchange.

Any advice or opinions please?

  Technotiger 16:54 30 Sep 2007

In view of you description regarding your current position, I would suggest that you stay as you are, I don't think wireless will be much improvement, and might as you have already guessed, make matters worse rather than better.

  interzone55 16:59 30 Sep 2007

A reasonable throughput of an 802.11G wireless router is about 25mbs at close range, have that going through a couple of walls & a ceiling at it'll drop to about 8-10mbs, still faster than broadband.

As for dropped connections, as long as you have a decent aerial at either end it shouldn't be an issue, just make sure there isn't a lot of metal, like gas pipes, between the router & PC. Also, don't rely on one of the crappy USB dongles, get a proper internal wireless cards with a decent aerial like this click here

  rambus 17:00 30 Sep 2007

well the advantage of having a wireless setup is that you can use your computer anywhere in your house or garden even if you wish. most people dont have any problems after they get set up. provided you get your set up correct, you should be ok. i have a wireless router for my laptop and the kids use wires for there pc`s.we moved to this house a few years before wireless took off, so prior to decorating i ran wires to every room, they are all hidden under floorboards or in walls. if i had known that wireless was going to take off i would not have bothered. i myself would now go wireless, do some research and buy a good router and pci cards, its the way to go. goodluck.

  Wendy 17:28 30 Sep 2007

Thanks for your replies, especially regarding card v USB thingy, as I was unsure about that as well.

I do have a laptop as well as the desktop, so it would be useful to be able to use that too, even in the garden. The laptop already has a wireless card, but no arial on it.

I'll check to see where pipes are first. I know there are some water pipes that go under the floorboards upstairs. My metal filing cabinet might be in the way too.

Thanks again you have all given me some things to think about! I think I might give it a go.
best wishes

  Forum Editor 17:55 30 Sep 2007

without a wireless network now - in my opinion it's one of the best things that's happened in computing for a long time.

My house has solid walls, and I can get good reception in every room; I can also use the network out in the garden. The speed of your broadband connection isn't a problem, the important thing is to get a good router, and decent wireless adapters. I use Belkin equipment, although my laptop has a built-in wireless adapter, and everything works perfectly - never any problem with dropped connections.

This is the router I'm currently using.

click here

  €dstowe 18:08 30 Sep 2007

I've just changed all my system to a through-the-mains Ethernet setup. Far, far better than my wireless ever was.

click here

  Batch 18:12 30 Sep 2007

There are two key areas for effective wireless.

1. Making sure that you have good strong signals. Buying good kit and placing routers etc. in suitable locations largely addresses this.

2. Setting up the router and PCs for wireless effectively. One can see from the number of posts on this forum that wireless is a perenial problem (at least with some people). Included under the umbrella of set-up is security - make sure that you take advantage of the security options available (e.g. non-broadcast of SSID, encryption, MAC address filtering).

  Wendy 20:09 01 Oct 2007

I bought a wireless router and a pci card (with arial) this afternoon, and within an hour I was successfully wireless. I get a 'very good' signal in the office. Not yet tried the laptop in the garden.
I seem to be getting a quicker internet speed than I did with the wire too!
It is really great not to have the wire trailing all through the house that everyone used to trip over!!

I have not yet set up encryption etc. except for what has been done automatically. I will now have to investigate all that. I have Zone alarm, but this router has its own firewall system. It does not allow sharing etc. and i have Windows set up for non-sharing.
I am so glad I decided to go with this - so far anyway!
Many thanks for all the responses

  Technotiger 20:23 01 Oct 2007

Grreat, thanks for the good feed-back.

  interzone55 09:43 02 Oct 2007

Glad you took the plunge...

You really do need to set up WPA encryption, not to stop people accessing your computers, but to stop them piggy-backing on your connection.

Don't worry about the laptop not having an aerial, they usually have quite a good one around the screen edge

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