Wireless Worries

  I'm confused! 13:18 17 Dec 2005


I don't know much at all about the new wireless stuff and am wondering how to set up my house to a wireless network.
I have many questions but here are the main ones:

1. Is it possible to just buy the router and set it up onto my current broadband connection, (currently using a BT Voyager 105 ADSL modem on a old 98SE PC, connection to namesco)? I have looked on their website and haven't seen any wireless packages.

2. How do i set up a router or will it tell me how to?

3. Will the router work as a normal "plug in" modem and replace my current modem or can i keep the one i'm using and run the router only for wireless access for my laptop and PSP?

Any input welcome, as my username says I'm confused!

  I'm confused! 13:22 17 Dec 2005

Hi again:

Just looked on namesco's website again, i found a section called "Data for Router setup". Does this mean that i just buy a router, enter the data from there somehow and hey presto or what?

  keewaa 14:25 17 Dec 2005

I'd recommend you buy the Netgear DG834G with free USB wireless adapter from Amazon @£65. It replaces your existing modem, Your existing modem can't be used anyway as it is USB. Router setup is well explained in their simple setup guide. If you run in to problems just ask here.

Keep a wired ethernet connection for the win98PC and then wireless for the other connections. Get this wired PC working 100% BEFORE you start the wireless bits. Once it is ALL working then finally enable WPA wireless security.

  Forum Editor 16:05 17 Dec 2005

there are many models to choose from, and I'm currently using an excellent BT Voyager 2110. Router configurartion is pretty easy, and all good models will have simple instructions enclosed.

You'll need to connect a computer to the router via the supplied ethernet cable to set the router up, and obviously the computer concerned must have an ordinary ethernet network port for this process. Once the router has been configured to use your ISP login details it will do so automatically, each time it's switched on. It's not a good idea to leave the router online permanently - turn it off at night, when you aren't using the computers.

You don't have to leave the setup computer connected once the router is up and running - you can access the internet wirelessly, provided the computer has a wireless network adapter.

  keewaa 17:07 17 Dec 2005

I suggested leaving the win98 PC wired, as win98 doesn't support WPA security.

  Sapins 19:30 17 Dec 2005

Forgive my ignorance but do you turn the router off at the electricity or the computer? or both?

  Forum Editor 23:38 17 Dec 2005

I power down my routers at night - always have, and always will. There's absoutely no sense in keeping a broadband connection running during long periods of inactivity. There your computer sits, on the same IP address, flashing a bright little beacon into the digital darkness "Here I am, you have plenty of time, come and hack away to your heart's content."

Not that I'm suggesting for one moment that the average home computer is at much risk of being hacked, but it can happen, and has happened - why take even a small risk if you can easily avoid it?

In answer to your question - I power down the router, the computer(s) can carry on running if needs be.

  Sapins 09:38 18 Dec 2005

Thanks for that, I sometimes think I should stick to the Absolute Beginners forum :-(

  Forum Editor 12:28 18 Dec 2005

Not at all - until fairly recently everyone was an absolute beginner at wireless networking.

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