Wireless works, Ethernet doesn't

  Jebiah 13:46 30 May 2008

Hey im new here and have had problems with my internet since day 1!! im with virgin media

I finally got my internet working through a wireless connection, it works fine except for certain things for example: youtube videos will half load then just completely stop and wont load anymore, msn messanger will do the same i can send messages then it will just stop recieving messages but wont sign out of messanger, If i play an online game like world of warcraft i can log in and it will be fine then about 30 seconds later my latency will go sky high and stay there makng it unplayable.

it seems like it has problems when something needs a continuous connection though im no techy thats why im here!

Also if i unplug the ethernet cable that goes to my wireless router and plug it into my ethernet port on my laptop i get limited or no connectivity show up.

Anyway thts pretty much my problem hopefully someone can help me out, if you need any more info then ask away, thanks in advance!

  Jebiah 14:33 30 May 2008

Okay i seem to have found the problem to high latency in games and msn etc i reset my router to factory settings and without a security password it seems to work fine only problem is now other people can connect to my network, is there anything i can use to protect it that wont affect my connection?

  lovetorpedo 21:14 30 May 2008

i have kinda have this problem, untill i changed the connection type, from 'dynamic' to 'static'. now downloads will download fully and youtube also downloads the full video. ive never tried it without a password though...

  Jebiah 02:11 31 May 2008

I seem to have found the problem! it was the firewall on the router blocking it, i have configured the programs i want to go around the firewall of the router and now they work!

  ambra4 04:52 02 Jun 2008

Change the firewall in the router from high to medium will allow you access

If firewall is set to high it will block most sites, this is a feature for companies to restrict

users surfing porn sites

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