Wireless & wired together ?

  keewaa 23:43 21 Apr 2006


How can I use wireless & wired on a laptop without causing an IP conflict problem. Do I have to disable one before using the other or is there an easier way, or some software / hardware. I'm looking for something really simple for a technophobe (not me).

The question is asked as I think I've seen IP conflict problems on this forum resulting from plugging in ethernet while the same laptop is also connected by wireless.


  Strawballs 23:48 21 Apr 2006

Why would you want to connect both at the same time

  keewaa 00:14 22 Apr 2006

I don't, that's the point. I want to be able to plug an ethernet cable in on the outskirt of the wireless capability/range, and know that there won't be IP conflicts, but want to be able to just plug the wire in without going into network connections to disable the wireless. (Not me but someone who can't handle all that)

  Danoh 08:44 22 Apr 2006

The wireless on my notebook can be switched off via an external slider-switch and it runs from the Ethernet wired connection without any problems/conflicts.
As I only switch on the wireless when I intend to connect to a wireless network, I have never noticed any conflicts nor issues.

  keewaa 11:03 22 Apr 2006

I think I remember people having Ip conflict problem when they plugged in ethernet and the wireless was still in range and connected, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if this is or can be an issue or can you plug in both and the laptop will somehow autoselect one ?

  mgmcc 12:06 22 Apr 2006

There shouldn't be any problem having both an ethernet and a WiFi connection running simultaneously from a particular computer to the router. I do this regularly, usually in order to get the wireless connection running before disabling the wired connection. If all adapters are getting their IP addresses by DHCP from the router, it shouldn't give the same address to two connections. Only if you are using fixed IP address should a conflict be possible.

Having said that, if a particular IP address was allocated to a PC and that PC was put into Standby or Hibernation, the router might reallocate its IP address to a new connection. When the original PC comes out of Standby/Hibernation, it may not have 'released' its original IP address so there would then be a conflict.

  keewaa 16:50 22 Apr 2006

Thanks, it was probably the fixed IP issue that I was thinking about. OK so I'll try it and hopefully no problems.

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