Wireless to wired router? ics?

  alexmallaburn 21:34 30 Jan 2009

Righ i have a wireless router on 1 side of the house me on the other i have a desktop pc and a laptop sitting right next to each other, the laptop's internal wireless card is as usefull as a petrol filled fire extinguisher (it doesn't reach router) it has a usb wireless adapter that reaches though,...the desktop pc doesnt have a wireless card and i cant afford one atm.... (doing a levels)

i have sum crossover cables, but ICS has been nothing more than a pain in the a*se. What else could i use* all i want to do is share the wireless connection of my laptop to the pc as well as share files (only with my pc not rest of computers in my house)

follow this link for a pic ,drawn in ms paint :)
that shows what the network sort of looks like

click here

  Forum Editor 23:17 30 Jan 2009

all sharing the same broadband connection means that apart from anything else that there will be bandwidth issues - at times everything will be painfully slow.

There's no easy answer to your problem, as far as internet access on your PC is concerned, unless you can run an Ethernet cable to the router.

Sharing files with your PC should be easier - you can do that via a cable connection to the laptop.

  ambra4 01:40 31 Jan 2009

Take a look at extending the wireless range by adding a

Hawking Wireless-G Range Extender HWREG1

click here

No hard wire required just connect to the router to set up and than moved to an location close to

a electrical outlet

Hawking HWREG1 Connection Problem take a read

click here

Or you can use a NETGEAR Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit

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  Switcher 15:06 31 Jan 2009


  alexmallaburn 15:11 31 Jan 2009

Wireless extenders



Will i be able to plug in wired computer to this ??

  ambra4 17:16 31 Jan 2009

No, they only allow you to increase the range of the wireless system

The Hawking Wireless Extender pick up the signal from the router and boost it

Download the diagrams How It Works & Range Diagram from the site

The NETGEAR Wall-Plugged Wireless Range Extender Kit uses the electrical cabling in

the house as a hard wire system and sent the signal to the wireless box that is located in

the room that required wireless access

The wireless box can de moved to any electrical outlet in the house and still allow you to

have wireless access

If you need a hard wire system you have to use a difference module kit


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